Bernadette Vadurro, SDCDP Chair

In the days running up to the 2022 mid-term election, like other Democrats I was dismayed over the polls and the overt cheering for a supposed red wave, so much so that I finally turned it all off, just before posting on my personal social media pages, TRUST NO POLL…voting is the only poll that counts! 

I simply could not bring myself to believe that families would be more concerned over the increased cost of eggs than the loss of personal reproductive rights. I could not believe that voters would be bamboozled into thinking that one party was responsible for inflation rather than understanding that it is occurring globally as a result of factors beyond our control, including corporate greed. I could not believe that voters would not see through the deceptive lies consistently shoved at us and would dare to take a chance on another Trumpian TV personality with zero experience.

Republican candidates at every level from national to local offices offered anger, division, and paralysis. They offered to reduce the already fragile social safety net, give more tax breaks to the rich and ignore the signs (all too clear here in New Mexico) of climate change. No wonder voters across the Land of Enchantment and the country rejected those messages and the messengers who carried them.  

New Mexicans want a government that works effectively for them. We want a cleaner, more sustainable environment in which our air, water, and lands are safeguarded. We want human dignity and basic rights protected. We want to be able to make choices for ourselves and our families that fit our needs and resources. We want access to quality education and affordable health care.  We want good jobs paying livable wages. We want somebody to stand up with us against bullies, foreign and domestic. New Mexicans want a society that provides opportunities and a fair share of prosperity and success.

Voters supported sensible, realistic, positive candidates with real plans. They rejected fools, election deniers, and ill-qualified politicians. As a mom with deep family roots here in Santa Fe, I am proud to say that I am a citizen of a country where the voters’ voice is still heard.

Democrats must not get overconfident. We must continue to listen to and respect the values of our neighbors; we must offer the help that people need. We must support affordable housing in Santa Fe. We must deal with the homelessness, panhandlers, and litter that diminishes the beauty of our streets. We must move toward alternative energy resources, expand our economic base, providing greater educational opportunities that will support the future. 

We must be willing to take the moon shot we heard about four years ago. I, for one, am relieved the pollsters were wrong and the voters were right, and am proud to be part of the work to make sure New Mexico keeps marching forward.