Ward Delegate Statements

Ward 1A
Floyd Archuleta:
I’m a devoted Democrat. I believe in our party, and want to play a part in promoting our Democratic candidates.
Lynnette Borrego: 
I’ve served in this capacity for over a decade and would like to continue my service.
Angelique Herrera:
I feel like I would represent our ward well and speak for those without a voice

Ward 1B
Greg Corning:
I want to cast a vote for Laura Montoya for State Treasurer, and for Joseph Maestas for State Auditor.
Heidi Corning:
I believe I am a fair, studied person and would make a good delegate to the state convention.
Jennifer J Manzanares:
I would like to state involved in the process to support candidates both local and state wide
Maria Christina Velasquez:
I want the opportunity to be more involved in the political voice of my area.
Toby Velasquez:
As a 16 year resident and property owner in the Pojoaque Valley and as a serving two-term school board member, I believe that I have the background, ability, and support to help represent and connect the Democrats in my community to our county and state Democratic Party. The representation that I will provide shall ensure that the voices of our valley are heard, respected, and given equal priority.

Ward 1C
Jodi Dionne: I am currently the Treasurer for the Democratic Party of Santa Fe and have been increasingly more active over the years. Being a democrat is very important to me. I will also be down there with my husband Don and Bernadette our chair.
Carter Howell:
no remarks
Debby Everett:
no remarks
Carter Howell:
no remarks
Christ Mechels: I am very interested in government reform, as I believe it is essential to restore trust in the New Mexican government. This is especially true of the Attorney General, the top Law Enforcement Officer in our state, who also is the Chair or the Law Enforcement Academy, our police training agency. We must restore the “Rule of Law”, with more transparency and public involvement in our governance. I will work to that end.

Cordelia Medina:
I believe in supporting the best qualified candidates for office.
Dennis Romero:
I’d like to make a difference in my community by working with other Democrats to make our community and state a better place.

Ward 1D
Patricia Cruz:
I want to continue to be an active participant in the NM Democratic Party. As a Ward Vice-Chair I am learning more about the County processes that lead up to elections, and I hope to represent my Ward in selecting candidates for leadership positions in New Mexico. At this critical time in our country, it’s important to provide support to candidates who are proven leaders, and who will work to maintain our democracy in our state, and our country.
Karl Ferguson: To keep the democratic process alive.
Elizabeth Lynn Gray: no remarks
Juliana Lucero: Our Ward needs to reflect the diversity of our community and of our multi-cultural state.
John Rodriguez: no remarks
Howard Shulman: I am good with the candidate list/I am not familiar with the court folks and will get the necessary info/I will reach out to the community and my friends to create an informed and empowered electorate/and, make sure those elected are responsible to the New Mexican and beyond  – not just the privileged few.

Ward 2A: none

Ward 2B
Jess Clark

Travis J Garoutte:
As a genderqueer, gay, Latinx man, I am running for state convention delegate to represent folks from a variety of identities like mine. I am also a public health professional and will support candidates who I understand will be most supportive of public health across New Mexico. Also, candidates who understand the need to disrupt systemic racism here in New Mexico and vow to help dismantle it will also receive my vote. Thank you!
Julia Emslie: no remarks
Daniel A Esquibel: With dwindling voters showing up to the polls, getting involved is ever more critical. Participation in the State Convention is my way of staying active with the Democratic Party. As well as showing others in my immediate influence, I care.
Paul Martinezn: no remarks
Alena Schaim: no remarks

Ward 2C
Jonnalyn Grover:
no remarks
Theodore Carlin: I have been delegate at last two conventions and I know of offices that may be contested, and, even though I may currently have preference would like to see/meet them before voting. Also would like to participate in events/ meetings of committees of subcommittees between conventions as well as groups like the Veteran’s, etc. The ability to attend these via zoom for.last 2 years has been extremely useful, and hope it will continue to be an option.
Berkeley T Merchant: Since moving to New Mexico in 2006, I have voted as a Democrat in every election where it was possible. As a military veteran and the oldest son of three generations of military veterans (West Point graduates) I know how important it is to participate in our democratic processes in order to protect our democratic institutions. In living and working all over the world, I have gained a deep respect for diverse cultures and races. I have experienced situations where basic freedoms and respect for each person as an individual was not the norm. I am extremely proud to live in New Mexico with our deep mixture of cultures and historical experiences. For these reasons I believe it more important than ever to participate in our democratic processes.
Elisa Montoya: I care deeply about my community and believe that it is our responsibility to advance candidates who will roll up their sleeves to lead on social justice issues that affect our everyday lives. I will stand beside candidates committed to safeguarding our civil rights. Candidates who understand that every elected official holds both the power and responsibility to consider all New Mexicans from our children– to hard working mothers– to retiree volunteers. We are all in this together. Adelante!
Charlotte Roybal: no remarks

Ward 2D
Theodore Carlin: I have been delegate at last two conventions and I know of offices that may be contested, and, even though I may currently have preference would like to see/meet them before voting. Also would like to participate in events/ meetings of committees of subcommittees between conventions as well as groups like the Veteran’s, etc. The ability to attend these via zoom for.last 2 years has been extremely useful, and hope it will continue to be an option.
Denise Lee: no remarks
Paul Lucero: no remarks

Ward 3A
Scott Aragon:
I want to be involved in the process.
Lisa Clark:
I support Raul Torres

Ward 3B
Miguel Acosta:
no remarks
Bernadine Perez: no remarks

Ward 3C
John E. Abrams: Because I want to continue to make a difference in my state!

William Raynovich:I am a registered Democrat who believes in the Democratic Party ideals and goals. I have worked on behalf of Democratic Party Candidates in recent elections and I only seek to help our candidates get elected.
Carol Young: I am running for state convention delegate because I believe that rural areas of New Mexico deserve more representation in the Democratic Party, and as an East Mountain resident, I will work to make this happen. Although most rural areas of New Mexico are dominated by Republican voters, there are a number of independent and Democratic voters who would like to have their voices heard. These voters often feel that the Democratic Party has left them behind, focusing more on urban constituents and urban issues. In order to strengthen our party in the Land of Enchantment, we need to reach out to rural voters and address their concerns as well.

Ward 3D
Eric Tyson:
I support Michelle Lujan Grisham, Howie Morales, Teresa Leger Fernández, Maggie Toulouse Oliver, Stephanie Garcia Richard, Julie Vargas, Briana Zamora, Gerald Baca, Katherine Anne Wray, and participatory democracy to help sort the other fine Democratic candidates.

Ward 3E
Stacy King:
no remarks

Ward 4A
Angela C. Griego
Bonnie Keene:
I appreciate being allowed to participate in the election process. I have been a state convention delegate in the past and understands the requirements. I have been a member of the Democratic party for the past 50 ears and understand the importance of everyone being involved in this election.
Roland Pabst: I am very interested in getting more involved in the democratic process. I’ve been a citizen since 2009 and this would be my first time getting a first-hand look at what happens behind the scene. I will take my responsibility very seriously. I hope I can be elected as a delegate.
Cynthia Pabst: I have been active as a Ward Vice-Chair and for me, being a state convention delegate would be the next step in participating in the democratic process. The more I live, the more I understand how critical is participating in politics at the local level. This part of government is the the sturdy structure that keeps the everything else afloat. We are who we are because of local activism. More than ever, we must all do what we can to ensure that all our neighbors have the freedom to live life as they choose..
Jacqueline Camborde Kutsko: I believe that government starts at the local level and I want to ensure that our elected officials uphold our Democratic goals and platform.
Martha Scheiner: no remarks
LINDSEY SNIDERMAN: My name is Lindsey Sniderman and I am running for Delegate to the State Convention for Raúl Torrez, our next Attorney General of New Mexico! I care about the great state of New Mexico and this country. We must elect like-minded public officials to keep our state on the progressive path to excellence. Thank you for your consideration.
Cecille J. Martinez-Wechsler: At a time when our democracy is imperiled, I want to be fully involved in the democratic process and support the Democratic Party. I have lived in Santa Fe most of my life. I support Raul Torrez for attorney general.

Ward 4B
Sheila Brown;
Because I am interested in being more directly involved in party matters. Watching what is happening on the national level concerns me so deeply that I want to act locally to assist Democratic candidates be elected, and promote the party platform. I moved to Santa Fe in 1982 after working for three different Democratic members of Congress on both personal and committee staffs. I worked as an assistant attorney general during Paul Bardacke’s term, and then worked as Deputy Laboratory Counsel at Los Alamos for 20 years. I hope I can contribute to the Party’s efforts this year.
Peter Ives:
As a former elected official, I know the importance of identifying and electing excellent candidates that reflect the values of the community.
Elizabeth Othmer: I am running for state convention delegate to support the dem candidates that I believe are best fit for public office in New Mexico.
Albert L.Pitts: At this critical time when our Constitution and democracy are under attack, I want to be fully engaged in the democratic process and support the Democratic Party. My wife, Anita, and I are native New Mexicans and we have lived and worked here most of our lives. I had the honor to work for 2 Democratic Attorney Generals as an assistant attorney general. Accordingly and as you probably would suspect, I have a special interest in the AG race and while we have 2 quality candidates I support Raul Torrez for this important position.
Mary Jane Parks:
I am supporting Michelle Lujan Grisham, Teresa Leger Fernández and Democrats to win elections in our general election, help the Democratic Party support working and low income communities, people of color, women’s rights, working families, and help fight for our climate and this beautiful planet! The Democratic Party stands for people and I stand in support and activism for the Party!
Harvey Rosen: I am supporting Raul Torrez for Attorney General.

Ward 4C
Bryan Bird:
I want to be more engaged in the democratic process in my state..
Christine Kaye Gishey: I
hope to become a delegate for New Mexico, as a Native American woman I think it’s important that the State reflect their diversity in the makeup of their delegations. I will take this position seriously by researching each candidate thoroughly and ensuring that each candidate is qualified.

Ward 4D
Arcy Baca:
I ve been a NM Democrat for over 40 years! I want to have input in the direction of the party
Paul Biderman: The country is facing many critical issues, including: our inability to stave off climate change, the growing wealth gap between classes, the disdain for science and the hostility toward political figures. I want to help elect Democrats who can help turn these things around.
Ron Flax-Davidson:  I am running for State Convention Delegate to assure Democrats are elected to office. In order to ensure Democrats are elected, we need to support Democrats that support our values and can be elected. I believe we have a crisis in New Mexico (and in the United States, and globally) that requires courageous individuals to stand up for our democracy and for our environment. In contested races I support Raul Torrez for Attorney General and Joseph Maestas for State Auditor. I believe these candidates share our values and can be elected.
Randall Dry: no remarks
Virginia McCallum: My view is it is a civic responsibility to be involved in the process – particularly now when the democracy and the Republic are threatened by one party, in a two party system, turning autocratic.

Ward 5A
Diana Ayers:
no remarks
Nina Courtney: no remarks
Timothy Hornig: While I’ve been a resident of New Mexico and lived in the Eldorado area for over 11 years now, am registered as a Democrat, vote regularly, and support progressive causes I have not gotten involved with the party at a local level. With everything we’ve seen around attempts to undermine democratic institutions I would like to contribute my talents and energy to making sure our views are represented at the local, state, and national levels and model participation in our political processes to others.
Joseph Loewy: I’ve been privileged to represent Ward 5A as a state convention delegate several times. Since moving to Eldorado in 2012 I have knocked on doors, mailed letters, postcards, emailed, attended and participated in fundraisers and spoken on behalf of local, state and national Democratic candidates. Most recently, I served as the Treasurer of County Commissioner Hughes’ successful campaign.I firmly believe that all politics begin at the local level and wish to represent my neighbors in Ward 5A once again.
Alexa Maros: I believe in the NM Democratic Party’s vision for a better country, state and community. Democrats deliver through service and living their values. As a progressive activist and organizer, I want to do my part to build a better future for my community and state. Our democracy hangs in the balance this year. Now more than ever we need to take action to expand and support our growing Democratic party. That is the primary reason I volunteered to serve as our Ward 5A Chair. Becoming a State Convention Delegate would amplify my contribution to the Party and our state in this critical midterm election year.

Ward 5B
Linda Siegle: no remarks
Stephen P. Thies: no remarks

Ward 5C
Xavier Anderson:
Help with our Dem PartyScott Aragon: I want to be involved in the process.
Timothy Beauchamp: no remarks
Susan Burnham: I’m running for State Convention Delegate to serve my community by participating in our electoral process. I was a delegate in 2020 and understand the responsibility of the position.
JoAnne Vigil Coppler: I am a lifelong Democrat residing in the city and county of Santa Fe. I have previously volunteered serving for 5 years as Treasurer for the Santa Fe County Democratic Party and have assisted and attended many events associated with the party. I am a former Santa Fe City Councilor and have over 25 years of public service. I wish to participate in our democracy with the goal of strengthening our party and wish to lend my support to accomplish that endeavor.
Tony f Ortiz: I am a lifelong New Mexican and Democrat. I’m an attorney here in SF and dedicated to progressive political causes and the betterment of NM. I am supporting the slate of Democratic candidates, but specifically am supporting Raul Torrez as AG, for his cutting edge crime-fighting initiatives and demonstrated work-ethic, and Joseph Maestas for Auditor, primarily based on his lengthy dedication to public service, hard work on the PRC, and the math/science/engineering expertise he would bring to the position.
Dan Painter: I believe that it is a responsibility of all citizens to participate in the election process in order to assure the foregoing success of our democratic process. I am able to contribute more time than some other citizens since I am retired. I do anticipate running for local public office in the future and see this as an opportunity to be involved with the election process.
Edward Stein: To preserve our democracy participation is crucial!
Jane Steinberg: Democracy. Of the people, by the people, for the people.
Sonya Carrasco-Trujillo:I am a lifelong Democrat, and I participated as a Delegate four years ago. I am disappointed at the struggles New Mexico is facing and I believe that I have a duty to continue and support the right candidates for elected offices.

Ward 5D
Timothy Beauchamp: no remarks
Michael P. Rivera: 
no remarks