Though the decision on a resolution to support candidates in a nonpartisan election had been hotly debated at last month’s meeting, it passed unanimously at the Sept. 22 special Executive Committee meeting on Zoom.

“We’re not in the age of Mitt Romney in the Republican Party,” said Georgia Roybal, Vice Chair Ward 4A. “We’re in the age when we need to take a proactive stance to make sure the crazies don’t get in power.”

Alan Courtney, Vice Chair Ward 5A, said his research found that a candidate in a nonpartisan race with the support of a political party has a better chance of being elected, and statistics show party endorsements produce higher voter turnouts. “When more people vote, we (Democrats) win,” Courtney said.

2nd Vice Chair David Thompson said the party should not be in the position of deciding who is the best candidate when there is more than one Democrat running in a nonpartisan race.

Therefore the party will not get involved when there is more than one Democrat.
   –If Democrats don’t wish to have the party’s endorsement, it will not do so, though it may provide nonfinancial support such as walk lists and literature drop lists.
   –Support may include the use of office space, lists and advice.