Volunteer to help in 2024!. There are many ways to help and the amount of time you give is up to you – we can adapt to your schedule and how much or little time you have available. We’ll get in touch to work out the details.

Door Knocking-Canvassing
Door knocking is one of the most important ways we reach voters, and is our top priority this year. Our experiences with door-to-door canvassing over the last couple of years have been very positive – most people do answer their doors and respond positively to the chance to talk with us. It is important to emphasize that door-to-door canvassing is NOT about persuading people.  Your job is to listen to voters’ concerns, and find out how likely they are to vote for our candidates. Most importantly is to remind voters of the importance of their vote and to encourage them to do so by giving them information on how, when and where to vote. If you want, we can accommodate you pairing up with another canvasser. And you can use either the traditional paper list or a mobile ap, MiniVan, that a lot of canvassers find very convenient.

Phone Banking
This is a good way to communicate with voters from the comfort of your own home (and phone). You do need an internet connection because we use a virtual phone bank application that gives you the number to call and allows you to follow a script and enter responses.

Write Postcards/Letters
Hand-written, personalized postcards are an effective way to communicate.  This year we’re likely to be sending postcards to voters in Santa Fe County, elsewhere in the state (such as to CD2 to make sure it stays in Dem hands), and even to other states. If you have decent handwriting and a little time to devote, this is a fun way to help.

This is a good way to connect with voters, particularly younger voters who may respond to texts rather than phone calls. It’s usually done through a computer (though you can do it on a phone or tablet) using an online service (currently Spoke). Training is provided to get you set up and show you how to have effective conversations with voters. And you’ll have a team leader to work with to answer questions and help you along.

Voter Registration
Voter registration is an important long-term way to expand our Democratic Party base. We register voters at locations like Farmers’ Markets, libraries, the community college… and we also go to events like Pancakes on the Plaza and Fiesta. We also do door-to-door voter registration in areas with lower levels of voter participation. This is one of our best ways to reach new people.

We have a training on January 11 at 6pm at 1420 Cerrillos) – go to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfxaBIbHTiOWp6JXV0VD92rsqML9t0wsnhDLlbtEjv933_imA/viewform?usp=sf_link to sign up.

Community Service
The Community Service Program’s mission is to organize and provide volunteering opportunities that reflect the tenets of the DPSFC platform. Volunteering through the Community Service Program demonstrates that Santa Fe County Democrats are here to serve our community to build a stronger and healthier society for ALL. Current volunteer activities include working with Santa Fe Indigenous Center, the Food Depot, the Santa Fe Animal Shelter, Reunity Resources, Habitat For Humanity, and doing cleanup at several city parks.


Staffing the Office at 1420
As the elections get closer, we’re gradually getting back to having a regularly staffed party office. There’s always something to do, including dealing with people coming by to get an election sign, buy one of our “Democrats Working for You” T-shirts, or dropping off or picking up postcards. There’s also phone calling, postcard writing, and help with preparations for upcoming events.

Data Entry & Information Technology
If you have good computer skills, you could help with data entry -entering volunteers and other information into our database. We provide the training you’d need. And if you have more extensive computer skills, like database management, website construction and maintenance, etc. we can certainly use your help!

Putting up Signs
Once candidates begin to have signs available, we will need a few people willing and able to fulfill requests for signs from voters. This is a good task for people who like to be physically active, but for one reason or another don’t want to knock on doors.

Poll Challengers
When voting starts, Poll Challengers observe the election process and polling center to visibly understand and observe our fair election process. Every registered voter in Santa Fe County has the right to vote and our party volunteers will observe democracy in action to protect our right to vote! Training is provided. 

Communication is at the heart of politics, so we can use writers, designers, researchers, developers of web content, those with social media skills. We currently maintain and are continuing to improve our website, have an expanding presence on social media, Facebook, and Instagram. We also develop content for postcards, flyers, and other campaign material. Newsletter articles, information, events send info to Jonnalyn Grover at  . Website updates send to Cindy Pabst at communicationsdep.dpsfc@gmail.com, Messaging ideas, help with letters to the editor, send to Billie Blair,   (505) 699-2328