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Call for Volunteers with Santa Fe Dems’ Community Service Program

Feb 27, 2022 | Events, Party News


Our mission is to organize and provide volunteering opportunities that reflect the tenets of the DPSFC platform. Volunteering through the Community Service Program demonstrates that Santa Fe County Democrats are here to serve our community to build a stronger and healthier society for ALL.

We are looking for members of our community, people just like you, to make our Community, County, and the world in which we live, a better place.

Monthly Schedule




Every Month


Additional Information

Food Depot 1222 A Siler Road 1st Monday and 3rd Thursday 1:30-4:00 pm pack food into bags in preparation for distribution
Santa Fe Animal Shelter 100 Caja del Rio Rd 2nd  Tuesday 8:30 AM

volunteers must be trained prior to working with animals – if you are interested, please e-mail –

City Parks Villa Linda Park 2nd Thursday* 9:00 AM


tidy up playground and dog park areas

Reunity Resources 1829 San Ysidro Crossing 2nd Saturday 9:00 AM


assist with farm activities in the field or greenhouses – October last month this year.  Will resume next spring.


Pete’s Place 2801 Cerrillos Road 4th Tuesday 7:00 summer – 5:30 Winter

 donate food, cook or help serve dinner – Volunteers also deliver lunches on Mondays (lunches team currently full)

Habitat for Humanity On hold


help build homes – no experience or tools necessary – if you are interested, please e-mail –

Kitchen Angels 1222 Siler Road Mondays and Wednesdays 3:15 PM


must be on a designated team

Santa Fe Indigenous Center 1420 Cerillos Road Fridays – click here for schedule 9:00 AM


drop off donations or help with distribution



Looking forward to serving with YOU!!  We are making a difference!!

 PETE’S PLACE — The CSP now serves a dinner every 4th Tuesday of the month and an additional dinner service as necessary.  If you are interested in serving dinner, donating food for funds for groceries, or cooking, please e-mail .



Is there an organization you think would like to partner with us? Please contact   .

Organizations currently partnering with the CSP