February 2nd, 2024

Dear New Mexico Democrats,

We hope this message finds you well. We want to inform you of a change regarding the 2024 DPNM Pre-Primary event. Initially planned to take place in the Mescalero Apache Nation, at the Inn of the Mountain Gods, the event will now take place in a virtual setting via ZOOM.


The main objective of the pre-primary is to nominate candidates for statewide and federal positions. In the midterm years, this includes candidates for federal and statewide positions, and in presidential election years, candidates for the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. Due to the exceptional efforts of our delegation, it is likely that each of our federal representatives will go unchallenged during the primary.


As dedicated Democrats, we value hearing from our ALL BLUE Congressional Delegation. However, we recognize that they are sent to Congress to actively work on behalf of our state. Unfortunately, MAGA Republicans like Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) are actively using government funding as a political football to advance their extreme agenda. The fight to keep our government open is set to occur right before our convention.


Given the likelihood that Senator Martin Heinrich and Representatives Melanie Stansbury, Gabe Vasquez, and Teresa Leger Fernández will be engaged in vital efforts to keep our government functioning during the Pre-Primary Convention, we have opted to host the event virtually. This virtual format will enable us to hear from our delegation as they work tirelessly to counter the MAGA agenda and ensure the continued funding of our government.  While we had greatly looked forward to the prospect of meeting in person, we understand the importance of prioritizing critical programs like SNAP/WIC funding and ensuring the timely payment of our U.S. military personnel. 


We also hope that by moving this virtually, we are increasing accessibility to our events for all Democrats. We know that attending party events can be difficult or overly expensive for some. We continue to be dedicated to lowering the barrier of entry to participate in our party. We are working with the hotels to ensure that any rooms reserved can be refunded. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility in adapting to this change.

We want to thank the Mescalero Apache Tribe for their help and understanding. We look forward to engaging with you virtually during the convention and in person on the campaign trail this year.


Best regards,

Sean Ward

Executive Director, DPNM

Click here for the amended 2024 Call to Pre-Primary Convention