BBQ Fundraiser – Hosted by Mayor Javier Gonzales


BBQ Fundraiser – Hosted by Mayor Gonzales

Saturday, July 8th, 4:00 – 7:00 PM

Home of Mayor Gonzales (address given with RSVP)


Mayor Javier Gonzales,  Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth, Senator Nancy Rodriguez, Jeff Carr for Lt. Governor, State Chair Richard Ellenberg, County Chair Susan Popovich, Jane Carson, Richard Longo, Jay Ritter, Noela Figueroa,  Cris Barnes, Morty Simon, Carol Oppenheimer, John Bingaman, Phil Cook, Margaret Wood, Gregg Hartnett, Lynn & Mike Hopkins, Vice Chair of the NM Democratic Women Clara Padilla Andrews,

Senator Liz Stefanics & Linda Siegle, County Vice Chair Mike Archuleta, Leslie Lakind, Sheila Vaughn, Mary Grana, John Lambert, Marti Burt, Eric Tyson, Robert Dobyns, Lynn Pickard, John Carpenter, Mary Blake-Butler, Dan Donoghue, Brad & Claudette Dubois, Carmen Gonzales, Justin Greene, Paul Kovnat, Debra Link, Tom Marks, Tom Samuels, Cathy Towns


Join us for a Backyard BBQ Fundraiser to benefit the Democratic Party of Santa Fe County!! Mayor Gonzales has generously offered to host a fundraiser at his home.


Hot dogs, hamburgers, refreshments provided by IATSE 480


We are looking for individuals to join Mayor Gonzales as Co-Hosts!

Hosts $200

Sponsors $100

Guests $25

For more information:,, 505-467-8514

Tickets available:

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Susan Popovich – Chair

Mike Archuleta – Vice Chair

Francesca Di Palma – Executive Director