2024 Electon Year Actvites Calling All Volunteers: NO JOKING AROUND – THIS IS CRITICAL!! As we all know – the 2024 electon is the most important electon of our lifetme to date. Santa Fe County is a critcal component to ensuring New Mexico remains Blue. While we know overall our County and Ward will vote blue, the numbers mater. Every blue vote in our County ofsets votes for the other color elsewhere in the State. This maters for our Congressional District (3) and for all statewide electons. As a strong Democratc Ward, we need to get as many Democrats in our ward to mobilize voters throughout the County. In the next few weeks, you should receive a phone call (hopefully we have valid contact informaton) requestng that you partcipate in DPSFC electon eforts. We are hoping to get 1000 people County wide knocking on doors (canvassing). Just happens that during the 2020 electon, our Ward lead the canvassing charge and not only completed the turfs (lists of voters) in our Ward, but helped out in other wards. Canvassing is not the only way to partcipate. Phoning, postcard writng, textng, donatons… are all ways to get involved. If you do not receive a phone call in the next few weeks, use this link to sign up for volunteering for 2024 electon actvites. Ward 4C Meetng Ward 4C will hold its Pre-Primary Meetng February 17th at 3:30 pm. This meetng will give Ward members an opportunity to provide input to upcoming events and the Ward will nominate and vote for delegates for the State PrePrimary Conventon. If you are already a State Central Commitee (SCC) member, you are already a delegate. Our Ward has 5 additonal delegate positons to fll. Click here to pre-register for the Ward meetng. This will save much tme when checking in at the meetng. Additonal upcoming Pre-Primary dates: Sunday, Feb. 25, 1 p.m. – DPSFC Pre-Primary Conventon, 1420 Cerrillos Rd. Saturday, March 9 – State Pre-Primary Conventon, in-person in Ruidiso, NM, probably also available via Zoom. 2024 Mardi Gras Join your fellow Santa Fe County Democrats for a Mardi Gras Celebraton!! Click here to register. Ward 4C is preparing a gif basket for the aucton in the theme of a Staycaton. Come to the party and bid for some great local actvites. 2023 Actvites: Democrats in your Ward: To increase awareness of our Ward and the Democratc Party, Ward leaders walked the neighborhoods every other Sunday afernoon handing out fyers informing residents of the: Democratc Party Structure, our Ward boundary; and upcoming Ward actvites. We were not able to get to all neighborhoods, but we were well received at homes of fellow Dem. Voter Registraton: DPSFC organized and held multple trainings to prepare Democrats to register voters. Many Ward 4C members atended some of the trainings. If you are interested in becoming a voter registrar, click here for upcoming trainings, February 5th and 21st. Keep CD2 Blue: Ward 4C dove in head frst writng postcards to Southern New Mexico Congressional District 2 voters. New Mexico is currently represented by all Democrats in Washington D.C. with 2 senators (Ben Ray Lujan, and Martn Heinrich) and 3 representatves (CD1 – Melanie Stansbury, CD2 – Gabe Vasquez, and CD3 – Teresa Leger Fernandez. CD2 is a precarious Seat with Vasquez wining the 2022 electon by less than a percentage point. Eforts to keep CD2 Blue started early with post card writng to Southern New Mexico residents during the fall of 2023. Ward 4C held a postcard writng party and sent over 900 post cards for the inital efort. There will be an upcoming event with more postcard writng to CD2. If you would like to partcipate by writng postcards or providing a donaton of stamps, please respond to . Pete’s Place – During the Ward meetng held in March 2023, partcipants indicated that some of their concerns were food insecurity and homelessness. Based on this, Ward 4C teamed with Ward 1D to feed the homeless at Pete’s Place. The frst event was last July. We then went to a quarterly schedule and provided a dinner in October and January, with an additonal lunch on December 24th. This actvity has taken of as we opened up partcipaton to the Democratc Party of Santa Fe County Community Services Program. We will now be serving a meal monthly and will have an emergency squad that can assist when Pete’s has an evening without a group providing a meal. While this efort is not solving the homeless issue, there are people out there that need a meal and shelter. We are serving!! In additon, we have 11 teams that are rotatng to drop of 15 sack lunches every Monday to the shelter. If you are interested in getng involved with the Pete’s Place efort, click the link above which describes the programs eforts and follow the additonal links to sign up for Pete’s. There are a variety of opportunites to support this efort: preparing food, helping serve, or providing a fnancial contributon for the purchase of groceries for the events. All are welcome. Not All Work – Ward Social: In early October, approximately 20 members of Ward 4C met at the Rose Park for a potluck social. There was great food and kicking around a soccer