After 60 days of intense policy work and dedicated advocacy with so many members of our district and our state, the 2023 Legislative Session has come to a close. It’s a wrap!

With over 200 bills passed and sent to the governor for her review and signature, this was an incredibly productive session, and there’s a lot to dive into. In this update, I’d like to highlight just some of the legislation that I fought hard for on behalf of, and alongside, our district.

I encourage you to take some time to review more of the major initiatives that passed. Click here to see the House Democrats’ top achievements on healthcare, education, the environment, public safety, economic opportunity, human rights, and more.

I also want to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone in our community who made their priorities known. Whether you contacted my office by phone or email, came for a visit, or joined us to testify in committees – your voice was incredibly valuable.

Economic Opportunity

  • Establishing the Division of Creative Industries (HB 8): From fine art, to traditional crafts, to cutting-edge software design, New Mexico is home to thousands of creative businesses. Already contributing over $5 billion to our economy, our new division will boost growth in these sectors with professional support, capital investments, and workforce training.


  • Working with families from across the state, I sponsored HB 400. This legislation is the first step to creating ‘Medicaid Forward,’ a program that will allow New Mexicans to buy affordable, comprehensive Medicaid plans, even if they earn too much to qualify today. This would provide a new affordable coverage option to thousands and bring substantial federal funding into New Mexico.


  • I was proud to co-sponsor HB 142 with Rep. Anthony Allison, legislation that is critical to the communities living near the San Juan Generating Station and mine. This bill launches an in-depth contamination survey and directs the state to begin remediation efforts to protect the health of residents, land, and water around these now closed coal facilities.
  • As the Majority Whip, I worked hard to ensure that SB 53 passed the House Floor. SB 53 prohibits the storage of nuclear waste in our state without consent.
  • I also worked with Rep. Yanira Gurrola to include tax credits for electric vehicles in tax package.

Addressing Gun Violence

  • In conversations with constituents, the epidemic of gun violence is the issue that most often leaves us frustrated. Our children deserve to know they are safe in their schools, and we all deserve communities free from violence.
  • This year, two key bills, HB 9 and HB 306, passed that will help keep deadly weapons out of the hands of children and those who intend to harm others, but of course, we have much more work to do.
  • In the next session, I again plan to co-sponsor legislation to prohibit firearms at polling places, to raise the age to buy a semi-automatic firearm from 18 to 21, and will fight hard to support effective proposals from my colleagues.

Protecting our Rights, Advancing Equity

  • I was proud to be a co-sponsor of HB 7, legislation that protects access to reproductive and gender-affirming care in every county of New Mexico. HB 7 prohibits local governments from denying, restricting, or discriminating against a person’s right to care.
  • While state legislatures around the country roll back the rights of women, families, and the LGBTQ+ community, in New Mexico, we are staying firm in our values. We also took historic votes to advance voting rights and expand our Human Rights Act.

I’d like to leave you with a picture from my favorite day in this 60-day session. We held the first-ever Joint Session celebrating New Mexico’s Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Native Hawaiian communities.

In New Mexico, we know we are stronger when we walk together towards progress and stand together against intolerance. I’m so pleased that HB 274 has passed and been signed into law, establishing AAPINH Day permanently and bringing greater visibility to our vibrant communities.

Get in Touch!

Our work for a bright future continues. Over the interim and into the next session, we have to fight for the priorities that didn’t make it across the finish line, including paid family and medical leave, new initiatives to support our transition to clean energy, and steps to modernize our legislature.

Whether it’s about policy or happenings in our district, I hope you’ll be in touch! Send me a message at

Thank you for your support, insight, and friendship,