Chart Santa Fee is Seeking  Public Proposals

CHART seeks proposals that will create a pool of prospective monuments, memorials, and works of public art that communicate what is important to residents of the city and county of Santa Fe. The goal of “Monumental Dreams and Conversations” is to express who and what we value as well as generate conversations about the movements, events, things, places, and people that matter to us.


Proposals may be submitted by email () or by snail mail (CHART, PO Box 28556, Santa Fe, NM 87592). Find the form here.

CHART will host public workshops and gatherings to inspire proposals and stimulate conversation. In addition, anyone can submit a proposal by email or mail using the downloadable form.

Complete information can be found at the CHART website:


  • PROPOSALS WILL BE SHARED PUBLICLY as a way to celebrate our collective imaginings, stories, and values.
  • INDIVIDUALS, AS WELL AS GROUPS AND ORGANIZATIONS, ARE WELCOME TO SUBMIT A PROPOSAL. Neighborhood groups are also encouraged to submit. Collaborations are welcome.
  • YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A PROFESSIONAL ARTIST TO SUBMIT AN IDEA. You can submit a description in words rather than a drawing if you wish. Drawings and/or words are acceptable.

CHART IS HOPING FOR A DIVERSE POOL OF PROPOSALS that will collectively represent the richness of the Santa Fe community. Please feel free to share this call with those who will help the project achieve this.