David Thompson (Male/Man)
I’ve been involved with the Democratic Party since 2016. But I have over 50 years experience of in political activism – working on, organizing, and managing several dozen campaigns. Here in Santa Fe, one of the things I’m most proud of was my role as co-chair and a key organizer of the Living Wage Network. In Ward 4C, which I chaired for 4 years, I helped organize door-to-door canvassing almost every year. In 2020 I organized phoning and texting for DPSFC‘s pre-primary campaign, the Coordinated Campaign’s Santa Fe texting, and texting for two State Senate campaigns. In 2022, I coordinated almost all of the texting for the statewide Coordinated Campaign. For the last two years, I’ve been DPSFC 1st Vice-Chair, and have helped recruit and support ward chairs, organize various events, and generally keep the county party moving forward. On the SCC, I’ll be working hard to get people involved in positive, issue-oriented campaigns. The party has lots of work to do in rural areas in both Northern and Southern NM, and in some of the more working-class parts of the state, to increase engagement and show the Democratic Party as a vehicle for improving people’s lives.

Mary Jane Parks (Female/Woman)
I am running to participate on the State Central Committee to help elect Democrats in Santa Fe County and New Mexico.

Bernadette Vadurro (Female/Woman)
As the past County Chair of the Santa Fe County Democratic Party, I bring a wealth of expertise to the State Democratic Party. In addition, I’ve served before as an SCC member to the DPNM 2017-2019, Ward Chair for 1C, President of the Santa Fe County Federation of Democratic Women, and on the National Board of the Federation of Democratic Women, 2019-2021 and also as the Chair of the Affirmative Action Committee for DPNM. 2017-2019 In all of these positions, I have served as a servant leader, providing organizational and business expertise to these endeavors, working hard to make sure we increase our visibility, by bringing new, capable individuals to represent us as Democrats and to ensure we hold our elected officials receptive and responsible for the values we believe in as Democrats. These values include fair and free elections, clean energy, water, and the environment, protection of our planet from climate change, social justice for all individuals, women’s reproductive rights, protection from gun violence, increased educational opportunities for our youngsters and so much more!

Ivy Stern (Female/Woman)
Support the Democratic Party

Claudette DuBois (Female/Woman)
In order to support the democratic process and support democrats running for office.

Connie Hvidsten (Female/Woman)
If elected to represent Santa Fe County at the State Central Committee I will be an active, assertive voice for progressive Democratic values. As a fairly new ward chair from Santa Fe County’s south side (Ward 3A), I have worked to build a stronger ward by creating opportunities for volunteers to get engaged and get involved. I’ve organized neighborhood canvassing efforts and voter registration events and served on the ad hoc committee evaluating possible ward re-alignment. I have a background as both an educator and environmental activist, and bring knowledge and experience to shape our state democratic positions on these key issues. For me, being an effective leader in the county and my ward includes understanding the processes and key issues at the state level. As a member of the SCC, I will both contribute to our state-wide party initiatives and become a more informed leader in our county party.

Mary Jane Parks ((Female/Woman)
I am running for State Central Committee in order to help the Democratic Party elect Democrats in Santa Fe County and in NM.

Roxanne Barber ((Female/Woman)
As the co-founder of Retake Our Democracy, I am very active in statewide issues and politics. I believe we can all work together to reach social, economic, and environmental justice in New Mexico. For more than six years I have been committed to supporting advocates across the state to make it easier for them to become active participants in democracy. Part of that commitment is to gather research-based information on the issues to educate participants, and legislators, so that they understand the issues and do not rely only on the talking points of business and industry lobbyists. And I believe that our elected officials should be held accountable to our wonderful state platform. So much time, energy, thought, and consideration went into our platform. It should guide the party in everything we do, and, in particular, it should serve as a guiding force for all elected officials. I have been an SCC members for about 8 years and would like to continue having a place in the statewide Democratic party. Thank you.

Fabian Trujillo (Male/Man)
Being a SCC member is an honor and a privilege to serve the party and to represent the Santa Fe ideals at the state level. I would like to continue to be a part of developing and influencing pragmatic progressive policies to elect democrats statewide.

Christ Mechels (Male/Man)
I am interested in being on the SCC due to my interest, and background, in DPNM Rules, which have been a problem, and in Democratic support for the New Mexico Rules Act, a very important law for public input to our legislative process, which is mostly ignored under the current administration. I believe in the “Rule of Law”, which it seems we have drifted away from, to our peril. Passing laws is fine, but abiding by them is central, and today problematic. Today, it seems our Party is intent on passing laws to control “them”, which we do not abide by. This is creating much anger, animosity, and a dangerous level of tension between parties. I will work against that, and following our laws is a necessary beginning. As Immanuel Kant famously said; “act only in accordance with that maxim through which you can at the same time will that it become a universal law.” This is sound advice for us all, and essential for our political system. I would work to that end. As the dominant party in our state, I believe we have an obligation to ALL New Mexicans, not just Democrats.

Anne Albrink (Female/Woman)
Since 2016, I have been actively involved in democratic politics and I have lived in the Santa Fe area. since 1972. I practiced law for 33 years in Santa Fe. I have been a Chair and Vice-Chair of my ward. 2024 is a crucial year for us and we must do the groundwork now.

Theodore Carlin (Male/Man)
Because of Covid was unable to attend any meeting in personal SCC meetings, but some virtual ones were accessible and most I was able to attend. Voted on issues, after reading the necessary document. Want to continue for the next 2 years, and if possible serve on Rules and Platform committees.

Billie Blair (Woman/Female)
Let’s have another blue tsunami. Because there’s still work to create economic, educational and environmental equity we must mobilize to elect Democrats.
-Register young, new-to-New Mexico and DTS voters.
-Bring allies into our tent.
-Recruit young Democrats.
-Run Democrats for local offices.
-Enhance transparency in Party’s governance.
-Make it fun to be a Democrat: Matanzas, socials, Rock-the-Vote.
Last year I built closer connections with the State Party, including running a successful postcard campaign for five at-risk NM House candidates in Albuquerque. All were elected. I do the homework, show up, collaborate and know New Mexico’s diversity. Please return me to the SCC. You will be electing a doer: Chair SFCDP Communications Team, active canvasser, phone banker with a high call rate in CD2 during COVID, ran phone campaign for Hispanic outreach.
Also, someone with insight into the state from observing the Party and candidates as a newspaper reporter, editor and publisher here for 26 years; active member of statewide boards; media consultant and speechwriter for statewide candidates. Together, we can demonstrate Democratic Party values are New Mexican values and get our candidates elected. Thank you.

Cindy Pabst (Woman/Female)
I am running for State Central Committee because I believe that citizen advocacy at the local level is an important part of sustaining a healthy community. For the past two years, I worked within the Democratic Party of Santa Fe County in a variety of capacities: communications, community service, phone banking, canvassing, and letter-writing campaigns for candidates as well as for newspapers. I am also part of the Ward leadership structure working with wards 4a and 5a which constitute the Eldorado Area Dems. In my two years as a State Central Committee member, I voted on rules and procedures as well as attended the 2022 Democratic Party Convention in Roswell. I look forward to being involved in these activities for the next two years, including keeping Santa Fe County BLUE in 24. Please vote for me.

Alexandra Maros (Woman/Female)
As Chair of Ward 5A (Eldorado), I am an action-oriented team organizer. Working with my fellow volunteers we turned out a record-breaking level of 5A voting in the midterms. Looking ahead to a presidential election year, team building now is critical. Early last year I reached out to Ward 4A leadership and suggested working together, resulting in the creation of Eldorado Area Dems (EAD). Since 2021 we have grown our membership by over 200% using social media and local events. Working as EAD we amplified our leadership and leveraged resources to host candidate forums, successful fundraisers, a major MLG event in Eldorado, and several community town halls. Last year we collected thousands of signatures for our Democratic primary candidates. We hosted a successful summer postcard writing event resulting in over 600 postcards being written. Our Candidate Forum was done in conjunction with our frequent partners, the Rural and Veterans and Military Families Caucuses. Working together makes us stronger. I believe in our party’s vision for a better state, county, and community. Continuing my work as an SCC member would help me do more as we build and unify for 2024. I humbly ask for your support and your vote.

Shelia Vaughn (Woman/Female)
I believe it is incumbent on all of us to do our share to ensure that we have ethical candidates who represent the values of our party in office at the local, state, and national level. Our country has been in turmoil for several years and it will take a dedicated effort from all of us to resolve the challenges we face.

Carole Engelder (Woman/Female)
As our society moves alarmingly toward rights restrictions, voter suppression and acceptance of intolerance, I am running for State Central Committee to be a part of the solution and protect the American democracy. Involvement in the New Mexico Democratic Party’s election process is a foundational step toward civic involvement.

Susan Martin (Woman/Female)
To assist in recruiting and supporting candidates reflecting democratic values of equality, diversity, and inclusion willing to immediately fight climate disruption in all their actions

Phyllis Bustamante (Woman/Female)
During my participation over the past 25 plus years with election work, and the past 2 years with the Democratic Party of Santa Fe County, it is evident that democracy does not work on auto pilot. It requires engagement at all levels. I am committed to remain engaged at the County and State levels to ensure democratic party values are well represented in our communities and that democratic officials are elected to and/or remain in office. Over the past 2 years, with the DPSFC, I have assisted with IT work, implemented (with a committee) the DPSFC Community Services Program, lead the canvassing efforts for GOTV in Santa Fe County for the 2022 election, have served on the County Central Committee, have served as a Vice Chair and now Chair of my ward, and have assisted in DPSFC work as needed. As a hopeful member of the State Central Committee, I hope to serve the State democratic party as necessary.

Paul Dirdak (Male/Man)
My contribution to the work of SCC has been through my election there to its Budget & Finance Committee (B&FC). I want to keep supporting the DPNM finance team so please return me to the SCC for that purpose. I began that service by joining with colleagues to assess weaknesses in DPNM’s financial system as they resulted in inadequate and episodic fund raising. The next term, we worked together to elect a finance professional as Treasurer and B&FC Chair and to draft complete finance rules, policies, and procedures. I chaired the drafting sub-committee. Our proposals were adopted this last term. Now we embark on the first budget proposal under the new structure. Enhanced controls are in place, and we cannot be more grateful for Rayellen’s leadership. We win elections through leadership and expertise. We raise money to pay expert leaders because they are worth it. We raise money well by accounting for it fully and explaining it. We have a great finance team and I hope to remain a part of it.

Evelyn Vinogradov (Woman/Female)
I am running for re-election to the SCC to continue the work we’ve started here in Southern Santa Fe County. I feel it’s very important that voices from our rural community continue to be heard at the State Party level. I appreciate your vote and help in our outreach and networking efforts. Thank you.

Daniel Friedman (Male/Man)
I have been inspired by my association with Ann Albrink and Mary Freitas. Our country, our State and the Party need people in the trenches who will show up and do what is needed. I would like to be one of those people. My experience as a lawyer and a private school board member will hopefully assist me in my work.

Tim Beauchamp (Male/Man)
I’m running to further engage in Democracy and share my ideas and actions to defend it.

Bill Raynovich (Male/Man)
I want to contribute to the continuing excellent work of DPNM. In past years, I volunteered for many hours with the Drive-to-Vote campaign, as a texter (more than 10;000), as a signature collector, as a poll challenger, as a Rural Caucus representative at numerous community events, as a co-editor of the Central Dems/East Mtn newsletter, and more.

Renee Villareal (Woman/Female)
I would like to continue serving on the SCC, representing progressive and traditional values of my birthplace, Santa Fe. My lived experience as a Mestiza and woman of color, as well as my professional experience as a policy maker and community advocate is important representation needed on the SCC during these crucial times to uphold democracy and social and racial justice in our state.