Rep. Reena Szczpanski (D-47) teamed up with Sen. Wirth on the polling place firearms ban, and they also passed the Health Care Affordability Act, which shores up the Health Care Affordability Fund with an infusion of close to $86 million in fiscal year 2026, protecting people who buy coverage on the Health Insurance Exchange. Sen. Stefanic co-sponsored legislation to expand the amount of hospital tax to match Medicaid and Prescription Drug Transparency, requiring reporting from manufacturers selling high-cost drugs. She was also a co-sponsor of the bill establishing a meat inspection authority overseeing the safety and quality of meat and poultry processed in the state. 

Training Workers and Helping Families

Rep. Chandler was among the sponsors of the successful effort to create a Workforce Development and Apprenticeship Trust Fund. Rep. Serrato passed a bill permitting the New Mexico Finance Authority to make affordable housing development loans and one to use TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) block grants for a pilot workforce training program.

Stewardship of Natural Resources

Rep. Susan Herrera (Dist. 41) introduced two successful water bills: an omnibus water bill permitting the New Mexico Trust Authority to make water grants to projects throughout the state, including both the city and county of Santa Fe and to prioritize water project funding based on the capacity of applicants. Rep. Tara Lujan (Dist. 48) cosponsored a successful bill creating a geothermal projects development fund. Rep. Chandler sponsored successful legislation to establish and assess fees for clean transportation fuel standards.