Gun Safety

  • Rep. Andrea Romero (Dist. 46) plans to introduce a bill that would regulate the sale of semi-automatic rifles holding more than 10 cartridges, like a proposed federal proposal introduced by Sen. Martin Henrich (D-NM) and Angus King (Ind-ME). The governor has said gun safety will be on the call for the 30-day session. READ MORE
  • Rep. Reena Szczepanski will introduce a bill to raise the age to buy AR-platform rifles from 18 to 21 years.
  • Rep. Szczepanski and Sen. Peter Wirth (Dist. 25) will introduce Firearm-Free Polling Places.
  • Rep. Christine Chandler (D-43) is co-sponsoring the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act, which allows the removal of firearms by law enforcement when there is a reasonable basis to believe that the owner is a risk to themselves or others. Failing the last session, this bill includes changes proposed by law enforcement.

Government accountability Rep. Matthew McQueen (Dist. 50) has filed:

  • A constitutional amendment that would abolish the governor’s power to kill legislation through pocket vetoes. A veto would require a brief written message from the governor. HJR 2
  • Change how the State Game Commission is composed: HB 23. Rather than requiring the appointment of certain members from certain counties, the bill would focus on finding experts, such as a wildlife scientist, a hunter and an environmental non-profit board member (or someone similar) on the game commission. 
  • Changing the state’s constitution to replace alternating 30-day and 60-day lawmaking sessions and instead create 45-day sessions. HJR 1

Working families

  • Chandler and Rep. Linda Serrato  (Dist. 45) will sponsor a Paid Family & Medical Leave Act to create a state-run program that provides wage replacement and job security for people needing treatment for a serious illness, bond with a newborn or care for a loved one.
  • Sen. Liz Stefanics (Dist. 39) will introduce Funding for Statewide Food Banks.

Affordable housing
Sen. Nancy Rodriguez (Dist. 24) will introduce legislation to allocate $500 million to the NM Affordable Housing Trust Fund to build affordable housing, rehabilitate housing, weatherize housing, and provide rental assistance and rehabilitation to bring homes into compliance with the American Disabilities Act.

Health Rep Szczepanski will introduce:

  • Health Care Workforce Dashboard to create a database to monitor the state of the workforce and training programs to reverse the shortage of health care workers.
  • Public Health and Climate Change to establish a new program and fund at the Department of Health to study, plan and respond to health challenges caused by climate change.   
  • Sen. Rodriguez will introduce legislation for Behavioral Health services to provide comprehensive behavioral health services for people with mental health, substance abuse and behavioral health issues to include supportive housing and case management to ensure the sustainability of these needs.

Sen. Stefanics will introduce or co-sponsor:

  • The Health Care Authority
  • Expanded hospital tax to be matched with Medicaid
  • Funding for Tribal and County Health Councils
  • Study of Caregiver Wages under Medicaid

Tax reform

  • Rep. Chandler, along with Sen. Wirth has filed legislation to limit the deduction for capital gains income. HB 37

Economic Development
Rep. Szczepanski will support Permanent Funding for the Division of Creative Industries to invest in New Mexico’s creative economy.

Climate/Renewable Energy

  • Rep. Szczepanski would establish a $100 million Local Solar Access Fund to help communities plan and build solar and energy storage projects and apply for federal funding.
  • Rep. Chandler will introduce a bill on Large Scale Renewable Energy Storage to allow the issuance of industrial revenue bonds to support large-scale, stand-alone energy storage.
  • Stefanics will introduce a bill to create a Climate Fund in the Public Health Division in the NM Dept of Health.

Public Safety
Rep. Szczepanski will introduce Safe and Resilient Communities to create a centralized bureau in the Law Enforcement Academy to help recruit law enforcement officers and civilian staff statewide.  

Help for students
Rep. Chandler will introduce Student Loan Protections to provide protections for those with student loans and create an Ombuds position at the state that helps those with student loans navigate the system.