SCC Candidates – CD1

Santa Fe County has been allocated 1 SCC position for CD1. Only CCC members who live in CD1 (namely Ward 3C) are eligible to vote for our CD1 SCC member.

Candidates must have registered by March 7 to be listed on the ballot.


Evelyn Vinogradov

For the last four years I have served the DPSFC as Ward 3C Chair, and have recently been re-elected to that position. I was also recently elected to be the next Vice Chair of the DPNM Rural Caucus, & have been a member of the DPNM SCC for the last 2 years.
I worked as a team leader in the Velasquez and Risner campaigns, volunteered at the East Mountain Dems office & am co-editor of the Central New Mexico Democrats Newsletter.
As DPSFC’s CD1 SCC member, I’ll reach out to Democratic friends & neighbors to meet their needs and concerns regarding the DPNM SCC, and promote membership in our party. I will encourage Democrats to participate in both the DPSFC & DPNM. I am asking for your vote and support to continue this effort. Thank you. (Ward 3C)