SCC Candidates – CD3

Santa Fe County is allocated 57 SCC positions for CD3. The Chair and First Vice Chair are automatically SCC members, so there are 55 positions available to candidates. Only CCC members who live in CD3 are eligible to vote for our CD3 SCC members. Gender balance is required. Please see DPNM Rules Appendix A.4 for instructions concerning voting for SCC and gender balance.

Candidates must have registered by March 7 to be listed on the ballot.

Click here for CD3 SCC candidates in alphabetical order: 2021 SCC Candidates_CD3


Steven Schwartz

I feel that it is important to have fresh faces and new viewpoints in a State Party organization. I believe that my background as a successful business owner, coupled with my documented record of public service and volunteerism would be an asset to the SCC in the coming years. We will face challenges reinvigorating participation as the pandemic ends and real grassroots involvement returns. (Ward 2C)

Claudette DuBois

Being involved in the democratic process has always been a valued personal tradition. The Democratic Party process snd candidates is vital to democratic ideals in this state and in this country. Having been involved in the party for over fifty years, both here and in California I have acquired a great deal of experience and knowledge that can benefit the party by participating in the SCC. Thank you. (Ward 1C)

Julie Rodriguez

As a new ward vice-chair and CCC member, I want to be as active and involved as possible with the party. That is why I want to be considered as an SCC member. I’ve worked on many campaigns this past year and discovered how much it means to me. I will bring my enthusiasm and dedication to every aspect of the hard work that will be required. (Ward 5C)

Paul Dirdak

I am the male member representing CD3 on SCC’s Budget & Finance Committee. DPNM has been hampered in its administration by scant policy guidance in its Rules. I am now the chair of a drafting sub-committee proposing an entire batch of Financial Rules and Policies for DPNM and the Budget & Finance Committee. These changes will greatly improve the Party’s administrative and fund raising ability. DPNM cannot expect to broaden its reach in competitive counties without off-year organizers leading excellent county volunteers. That does not take a lot of money, but it takes more than we have raised historically. We need more consistent, readable, transparent financial reporting tools to persuade a larger number of the 500,000 registered Democrats in New Mexico to become sustaining donors. The Financial Rules proposals will guide and require just that. I want to return to SCC to help implement this effort. (Ward 1C)

Clifford Rees

I am a retired New Mexico State Government Attorney who has also served in the offices of then US Congressman Ben Ray Lujan, Lt. Governor Howie C. Morales, and the New Mexico State Senate. I am a former Vice Ward Chair for Ward 5 B and have been active in Democratic Campaigns since 2008. I am a retired Santa Fe County Election Judge and a current Voter Registrar who creates videos and does trainings on the election and voter registration processes in Santa Fe County for the County Party and local non-profit organizations. (Ward 5B)

Antonio Cruz

I am running to ensure that Unions and working NM have a strong voice on our SCC. By engaging other party members I hope to educate both the members as well as myself by understanding how we can better help each other across the state. (Ward 4C)

Marti Burt

I am currently an SCC member and wish to continue as I see the state party as the vehicle through which we can mobilize all of New Mexico to support a progressive agenda. It is important to get beyond the Santa Fe bubble and help recruit new party members, elicit increased enthusiasm for action among existing party members, and counter the extensive falsehoods and “alternative facts” designed to confuse and mislead the voting public from supporting policies that are overwhelmingly in their best interests, such as health care for all and expansion of clean energy. (Ward 4D)

Debbi Brody

As a lifelong activist, I have worked to build a Democratic Party that stands for grassroots, bottom up participation in politics. I have registered voters, phone banked, written hundreds of letters to intermittent voters and to newspapers about child hunger, gun laws, and every kind of discrimination. I have been elected as Ward Chair again after taking two years off. I was elected CD 3 Chair to the party’s Adelante Progressive Caucus. We must work together to increase a positive image and activist behavior from the Democratic Party of New Mexico. We can be so much more than a fundraising vehicle and an anti Republican vehicle. We can be a shining light and model for truth, compassion, and cooperative participation. I ask for your vote in my election to the State Central Committee. (Ward 5D)

Gregory Corning

I am running for SCC because I want to help move the Democratic Party back to traditional roots – the regular non-wealthy working people of the county, and state, and nation. (Ward 1B)

Elizabeth Romero

Two years ago, after being elected to the State Platform and Resolution Committee, I had the opportunity to travel around New Mexico listening to Democrats. Because many rural Democrats feel ignored, SPARC focused on those communities. The need for better infrastructure, hospitals, libraries, schools and internet service in our state is huge.

We Democrats are a party of substantial ideas. We must be bold. We must fight for and with our rural communities, immigrants, youth, small businesses, teachers and front-line workers. We must commit to being the party of working people. We will always be outspent by dark money, so we must organize numbers great enough to defeat monied interests.

My husband and I have owned and operated bookstores in Santa Fe for 31 years. At present we own Books of Interest.

I cut my political teeth organizing textile designers in New York’s garment center during the 1980s. (Ward 2C)

Nathan Rubinfeld

I have been a member of the SCC for two years, participating in all votes and attending all meetings. Having worked with the State Senate, I am familiar with activists and organizers around the state and the issues on which they advocate. While a Santa Fean, I spend considerable time in and am familiar with remote parts of New Mexico. I will use this knowledge in building participation in rural areas, strengthening the connections between them and the urban centers, as we prepare for the gubernatorial race. I will represent Santa Fe and bring my perspective as a born-and-raised New Mexican, Young Democrat, and member of the LGBTQ+ community. I am inspired by the Platform and Resolutions Committee’s efforts to make a more inclusive DPNM. I will work to continue to strengthen our platform to ensure that it is truly representative of all communities and concerns across the state. (Ward 4B)

Bruce Berlin

I am currently a member of the SCC. I have been active in NM Dem. politics for many years, beginning with Jeff Bingaman’s 1st senate campaign in 1982. I am the founder of NM for Money Out of Politics and the current Chair of RepresentUs NM’s Legislative Action Comm, working on voters’ rights, redistricting, campaign finance reform and ethics issues. Author, Breaking Big Money’s Grip on America. Supported Sens. Sanders & Warren for Pres. (Ward 5C)

Cynthia Pabst

I am a recent Santa Fe resident having moved last May. Previously, living in New York, I volunteered for my CD-3 Congressman and State Senator. It was a great experience. Now and moving forward, I want to dedicate my political activities inside the Democratic Party helping support the infrastructure that makes our party successful. AKA, I am interested in responsibilities which are more local. (Ward 4A)

Janet Carter

I have been a member of the State Central Committee in Nevada, and now that I am in New Mexico I want to give back to my state and get Democrats elected at all levels! (Ward 4B)

Anne Albrink

As a current SCC member, I see the SCC is vital to mobilizing the state for registering, canvassing and getting Democrats to the polls. Calling for Xochitl Torres Small showed me how important a state wide effort is. (Ward 4B)

Peggy Bowen

The work of the State Central Committee is vital. It has been uplifting during this pandemic to find out how seriously SCC members take their jobs, while contacting them by phone and email to discuss issues before the SCC. I have served and will continue to serve to build the party and bring us together for 2022. Thank you for your consideration. (Ward 4B)

Debby Everett

I want to protect and support the principles of the Democratic Party in New Mexico. I want to engage others with similar interests in the democratic process. (Ward 1C)

Heidi Corning

I strive to remember that we agree more than we disagree. I love helping move the Democratic Party towards more inclusion of all kinds–racial, gender, age, etc. I have no doubt that together we can accomplish all our goals. I would be honored by your vote. (Ward 1B)

Bradley DuBois

I have been very active in the state party since relocating to New Mexico. Currently I am completing my second term on the SCC and my first on the state affirmative action committee. Recently I was elected as chair of ward 1C. My focus over the next two years will be expanding our roundhouse majorities, retaining the governorship and supporting our congressional candidates. (Ward 1C)

Joseph M. Maestas

I’m running for SCC to help review and ratify platform and leadership changes while espousing the principles of the Santa Fe county Democratic Party. (Ward 4C)

Roxanne Barber

I’ve been active in local and state politics for 6 years now, serving on the CCC and SCC, advocating at the Roundhouse, organizing activists across the state, and most important — helping educate others about the issues so that they can make informed decisions. It’s encouraging to see the new infusion of energy and optimism in the state Democratic Party over the past few years. Every New Mexican should have a voice in our state’s democracy, but not all can or do. I spend time reaching out to allies in “under-served” communities so that I can understand ALL the complex issues in our state and help the unheard voices be heard. I look forward to continuing to serve our state on the SCC and respectfully ask for your vote. Thank you! (Ward 1D)

Paul Gibson

I have been advocating and organizing in New Mexico since arriving in 2012. I’ve served on both the CCC and the SCC for six years. My wife (Roxanne Barber) and I have traveled the state to remote rural regions to better understand the needs of those communities. Together we have organized over 2500 statewide to advocate at the Roundhouse and we send out an alert most every day of each session and send out a more educational blog 4-5 times a week to educate constituents. We’ve made much progress, but much more to be done. So I seek your vote for SCC. (Ward 1D)

Thomas Mauter

I have been involved in Democratic politics for more than forty years in Virginia and New Mexico. Recently there has been a drop off in active party engagement in Ward 5A. This is in inverse relation to the extremely high voter turn out in Eldorado over the years. I believe it is vital to have our community represented on the State Central Committee. (Ward 5A)

D Pauline Rindone

I’ve been an active member of the DPSFC for several years and would now like to serve in a more active role. (Ward 5C)

Maria Salazar

I have been involved for several years, the last 2 years I have slowed down because my mom who was a devoted Democrat was ill and has passed on. I want to be actively involved again especially now that we have a great presence in the White House. (Ward 2D)

Alvino E. Castillo

I am a progressive Democrat. Our party believes in a government that helps its citizens regardless of race, creed, or any other classification. I want to make sure this continues. (Ward 4D)

Sheila Vaughn

I have been on the CCC for four years. I decided when Trump was elected, it was time to contribute more to our party than just volunteering at election time. I believe we need a strong party infrastructure at the local and state level in order to provide support to all of our candidates at every level. The more we are all willing to invest in our party, the stronger we will be. And the last 4 years have shown us just how much we stand to loose if we aren’t all committed to protecting our voting rights and our democracy. (Ward 4D)

Patrick Murphy

I have been a SCC member for the past two years and look forward to serving in the future. I bring my experience as a life long democrat to our state party. I have worked on campaigns on a local, state and national level. I have put up signs, worked phone banks and knocked on many doors for our candidates. (Ward 1C)

Teresita Rivera

I am running for the State Central Committee because I have been a member for over 54 years and want to continue serving the party and more importantly, those Santa Feans who are often ignored and neglected. (Ward 4A)

Albert J. Rivera

I am running for State Central Committee to be a voice for the Hispanic community. I have lived in Santa Fe all my life except for when I served in the Navy. (Ward 4A)

Maria Rivera Najaka

I was raised in the Democratic Party and at an early age I was involved in canvassing, telephoning and mail outs. As a counselor and social worker I have a close view of the very people that need the Democratic Party’s support. (Ward 4A)

Fabian Trujillo

I’m a life long democrat and the grandson of a Precinct Chair in Taos. I’ve been actively involved in the Santa Fe Democratic Party since 2008. I’ve served on SCC and am currently the Ward 2D Chair. I’ve been involved in many local, and state campaigns. I’m excited about electing democrats and increasing voter participation. Electing Governor MLG and aking back the house in 2016 and electing former State Representative Linda Trujillo are successes we’ve shared. Together we’ve increased voter participation in Santa Fe County and Ward 2D. I’m running for the State Central Committee to help elect democrats in New Mexico. I am 13th generation progressive New Mexican. I support democratic values such funding early child-care, healthcare, a women’s right to choose, creating high wage jobs, and increasing union participation. Therefore, I ask for your vote for the State Central Committee. (Ward 2D)

Robert Montoya

I have a lot of experience with the election process in the State, including involvement with both gubernatorial and congressional campaigns. I have really enjoyed the experience that think that I have a lot to contribute to the process. In particular, I think it is important that the party overcomes the criticism related to a fair election process. We need to ensure that the Democratic Party of the New Mexico maintains its influence by being the party of fair and honest election processes especially as we come out of this pandemic era. The next election is going to be heavily scrutinized for fairness and we need to utilize technology in a transparent way to ensure a fairness. I want to be involved in the implementation and approval of these processes.  We need to be champions of fairness and Democratic processes starting from Ward Meetings all the way to Statewide elections. (Ward 2B)

Theodore Carlin

Same as last time: to be more involved in the process Democratic Party politics, and campaigning all the way from the last election to the next election, without regard to it being a Presidential year, “off year” election etc. And to help get the best candidates for all positions. Also to keep the procedures of the CCC fair to everyone. (Ward 2D)

Christina Chavarria

I am running for the State Central Committee as I would provide my experience and knowledge as a life long Democratic. I have been an active member helping on many campaigns to help elect Democratic leaders to local government as well as national leaders. Having served as a State Central Committee member previously I have participated in the adoption of county and state rules that have become part of the changes for the Democratic Party of New Mexico. I wish to continue helping the party more forward for all New Mexicans, to have a voice in the party and its future. I have served as a Vice Chair in my own Ward and see the opportunities serving as a State Central Committee member to show the reflection of young, older, women and people of color in the New Mexico Democratic Party. Thank you for your time and vote for me. (Ward 1D)

Jeff McElroy

As Chief Judge of the Eighth Judicial District Court (Taos, Union, and Colfax Counties), I could not participate in party activities for seven years. Now retired a year and back in Santa Fe, I am 63 and ready to work.

I am a graduate of St. John’s College (Santa Fe ‘78) and UNM School of Law (1982). Political all my life and a life-long Democrat, my first job out of law school was to work as an aide for Gov. Toney Anaya. I was an assistant attorney general under Paul Bardacke and a deputy district attorney in Taos.

As an SCC member, I will urge the party to register voters and to counter voter suppression and disinformation among the electorate. I will be a voice for diversity, particularly on LGBT issues. I support policies that encourage the rule of law and an independent court structure. I ask for your vote. (Ward 2C)

David Thompson

I’ve been involved with the Democratic Party since registering as a Democrat to support Bernie Sanders in 2016. But I have over 50 years experience of political activism, working on, organizing or managing several dozen campaigns. Here in Santa Fe, one of the things I’m most proud of was my role as co-chair and a key organizer of the Living Wage Network. In Ward 4C, which I now chair, I organized door-to-door canvassing in 2017, 2018 and 2019, and last year I organized phoning and texting for DPSFC‘s pre-primary campaign. I also organized the Coordinated Campaign’s Santa Fe texting, and also organized texting for Neomi Martinez-Parra’s and Katy Duhigg’s State Senate campaigns. On the SCC, I’ll be working hard to get people involved in positive, issue-oriented campaigns. I particularly feel that the party has lots of work to do in rural areas in both Northern and Southern NM. (Ward 4C)

Dorothy Borrego

Continue serving as a State Central Committee. (Ward 1A)

William Murphy

Want to be a part of the solution and difference in our great City I have called home for 30 years now. (Ward 4B)

Jonathan Longoria

I am running for the SCC to ensure the Democratic Party of New Mexico does not alienate a major voter base. The workers of New Mexico. Time and time again Democratic Candidates have passed on the chance to bring legislation to the table that would have benefited thousands of workers in their fight to put food on the table. Along with the fact that the Democratic Party of New Mexico values environmental justice. It’s been a shame to see we have a Democratic Majority in both chambers and too watch these key environmental bills die in committee. That’s why I’m running for SCC. (Ward 3E)

Kathleen Dickerson

To participate fully in the electoral process. (Ward 4B)

Daniel Friedman

I want to make a contribution to the Democratic Party and this seems like a good time. (Ward 4B)

Roland R. Borrego

Continue to serve. (Ward 1A)

Eric Tyson

I am a Santa Fe County Central Committee member from Ward 3D, Precinct 114. I am currently a delegate to the State Central Committee.

I was once elected a 2nd shift shop steward for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. Also, over 30 years participating in Democratic Party stuff. Pretty sure I can faithfully execute the duties of delegate to the State Central Committee, though I would prefer some younger Democrats step up and assume these responsibilities.

Thanks for your consideration. (Ward 3D)

Patti Bushee

I had been active in local Democratic Party politics for years and am semi-retired now, and hope to re-energize myself and others to help get more great Democratic candidates elected! (Ward 1D)

Jodi Dionne

I stand strong with my fellow Democrats and will work hard working toward the implementation and success of our platform here in New Mexico. (Ward 1C)

Donald Dionne

I am a Democrat. I support the New Mexico State Party Platform. I believe in data driven decision making. I believe in science, reuniting families, and that love is love. We must do everything we can to face the looming disaster of climate change. And, I believe that the grassroots are the key to winning elections. (Ward 1C)

Gary King

I would like to assist the Party to be dynamic and successful. (Ward 3E)

Miguel Acosta

I identify intentionally as Chicano-Mexicano to honor my own political and cultural experiences, as well as my parents and ancestors multiple journeys from north to south and north again. I wish to represent those dreams and current visions for a socially just participatory democracy at the level of community and county. My commitment is to continue supporting youth civic engagement and leadership in my southside community and across the state. (Ward 3B)

Roxanne Carpenter

I would like to provide representation for southern Santa Fe County and Edgewood. I have come to know many of the people involved with the Democratic party in Santa Fe County and the state over the last few years, and I feel that I will be able to make informed, thoughtful decisions for the good of our neighbors and the state. (Ward 3E)

Greg Sonnenfeld

I have worked hard in the SCC for the past 2 terms. In the DPSFC under Susan Popovich, I served as parliamentarian and rules committee members. I co-wrote and organized successful DPNM resolutions for: The Green New Deal, against DCCC blacklisting, and Alleviation of economic disadvantage for the DPNM State Chair. I’ve assisting in many other resolutions and rule changes.

I fight hard FDR Democrat economic policies, work hard for economic justice and fight climate change. I am a founding organizer of 350 Santa Fe, XR Santa Fe, and have served many other organizations, such as co-leading the Retake Legislative Research Team in 2018. In the legislator I co-authored the Renewable Energy Investment Plan legislation which was implemented by MLG and SGR in Dec. 2020. I’ve also intervene in PRC cases for advanced renewables.

You can check my LinkedIn for more info and credentials: (Ward 4C)

Barbara Conroy

The only way to get more progressives in office is to be progressive in the Party, local and national. (Ward 1D)

Sara Hume

I have held various positions in the Santa Fe County Democratic party including SCC delegate, ward 5D Chair and Vice-Chair, and 2nd Vice Chair for the County. I am also a founding member or Adelante Progressive Caucus, served as Secretary for 2 terms and am currently the membership coordinator. Being an SCC delegate is a vital part of state party participation and I look forward to attending each meeting. (Ward 5D)

Russell Hume

I’d like to continue the work we have been doing moving the party into more progressive positions. I am currently serving on the SCC, as well as the CCC and as Ward 5D vice chair. (Ward 5D)

Margaret Meltz

I would like to be a member of the State Central Committee of the Democratic Party. I have lived in NM for 50 years and love its land and people deeply. I want to encourage diversity and inclusion in all parts of NM government – racial, ethnic, gender, wealth, everything. I want the Democratic Party to be the party of science and compassion, with a strong commitment to defending our environment. (Ward 5B)

Richard Longo

I’ve been involved with the DPNM since 2008 – fully almost half my life. I’ve knocked on thousands of doors, advised and assisted many candidates and contributed more than $1,000 to the DPSFC over the last several election cycles. I consider myself a liberal and find myself equally able to communicate and collaborate with conservative Democrats as well as progressives. I’ve been honored to serve on the State Committee for the past several cycles and would be greatly honored to continue serving. (Ward 4D)

Rochelle Mann

I strongly believe in progressive policies and financing. I support the green new deal, governmental policies that reduce poverty and support worker and human rights, universal health care, racial justice, etc. (Ward 5C)

Billie Blair

I seek re-election to the SCC to continue to energize young and disaffected Democrats and bring allies into the Democratic tent. Now a consultant in marketing and public policy, I did media consulting and phone banking for TLF in the primary and worked in the general in CD2 toward getting Democrats elected up and down the ballot. I have been an active member of Ward I-C and as a member of the Santa Fe County Events/Communications committee, conducted focus groups to bring voice to rural voters. As a former journalist, I offer 45 years of intimate observation of the Democratic Party in New Mexico and an understanding of the differences in our state. (Ward 1C)

Susan Tarman

Although we are a “blue” state I believe we have a long way to go before we are a progressive state. I want to have a hand in pushing us toward real civil, human and environmental policies. (Ward 1C)

Brian O’Keefe

To help push the progressive agenda in my district. (Ward 1C)

Carter Bundy

I have spent the last 20 years as an advocate for workers and their families, and was involved in everything from Santa Fe and Albuquerque’s initial city minimum wage increases to the fight to ban private prisons to winning collective bargaining rights for all public workers in the state. While about once every three years we get one or two Republican votes, and we also lose a corporate-leaning Dem every now and then, the difference between the parties for workers is as clear as can be, and I want to fight for more pro-worker Dems.

Protecting the environment, fighting for civil rights and equal rights for ALL, voting rights, gun safety, campaign finance, and education are also my major priorities. I’d be honored to have your vote and if elected will work tirelessly to support the Democratic Party and keep it moving in a progressive direction. (Ward 1C)

Charlotte Levinson

I have worked in the nonprofit sector for 30 years. It is apparent to me that partnership with government is absolutely necessary for achieving systematic change. I would like to contribute my time and experience to help the Democratic Party be inclusive and representative of diverse voices, especially on healthcare, education and the environment. (Ward 4B)

Hernan Gomez Chavez

To commit to working for my community in Santa Fe. (Ward 2A)

Susan McGrew

I am a lifelong Democrat and currently a CCC member. I have canvassed and phone banked for numerous Democratic candidates over the years. I am disturbed at the number of Democrats who prefer to support the interests of the elite instead of the very real needs of the majority of our citizens, the unemployed, the working poor, and the rural citizens without necessary services. I will promote a $15 minimum wage, state medicare for all, decent affordable housing for all who need it, a major job training initiative in green energy jobs, and world class, equitable, and experiential public education with a strong foundation in the arts. (Ward 2D)

Bianca Sopoci-Belknap

I am running for SCC because we need more progressive representation in Democratic party leadership in order to advance meaningful social, economic, & environmental change for our communities and state. I’m a grassroots activist and organizer from Santa Fe and I’ve been involved in social change work through Earth Care and other orgs I work with since returning to my hometown from college in 2006. Most recently we’ve been working on a big climate justice campaign with YUCCA and COVID-19 solidarity with the SF Mutual Aid Network. I love my community and my state and want to see more access to decision-making spaces for the folks whose voices we should be centering – young people, BIPOC, working class folks who are pushing for a better world for us all. As a SCC I’ll be a voice for universal rights, community-driven sustainable development, participatory democracy, justice-and accountability from those in power. (Ward 2B)

Karen Keeney

I have been working to help create a more just, equitable, sustainable world since marching for fair housing in Oakland, California, while still in high school in the 1960’s. Since then, I’ve enthusiastically worked on the full spectrum of liberal/progressive causes, including being a leader in the LGBT rights movement for decades.

These are such exciting, if chaotic, times. We are on the cusp of true transformation in all sectors of society. It’s time to kick it into warp drive!

I have retired as a lawyer, but not as an activist. I’d be honored to receive your vote. (Ward 3D)

Xavier Anderson

As a lifelong Democrat, Mexican – American, and child of a Mexican immigrant, I feel that it is my duty to serve the party that has protected the rights of the working class and helped me provide for my family. I have also been a union member of both the City and State chapters of AFSCME. I feel that my, and my family’s, political and cultural experiences will contribute to the SCC. I’m running for the State Central Committee to help elect Democrats in New Mexico who will continue to protect the rights of the working class, support early childhood development, expand healthcare access and encourage union participation. I would like to respectfully ask for your vote. (Ward 5C)

Leslie Lakind

What have been labeled as far left policy positions ($15/hr, Green New Deal, sensible gun laws, etc) should be considered centrist because they are in fact immensely popular with the public, yet our elected representatives are too often too shy to enthusiastically embrace these positions. It is said if you want to move the center, you have to pull on one of the ends.
I’d like to do a little pulling. (Ward 4B)

Amy Jo Christian

I believe the Democratic Party has lost many people like me and want to take this opportunity to help move the party towards a progressive stance. I seek to align the power of the party away from the wealthy and into the hands of working people, youth, “marginalized” voices and communities and those advocating for intersectional awareness of climate crisis and the need for a just transition. (Ward 1D)

Alston Lundgren

For many years as a Family Physician I was focused on single payer health insurance for everybody and on eliminating obscene drug prices. There are also many State and Local issues that directly impact health – affordable housing, poverty, access to health care facilities, etc. If elected, I will work to rectify those and other social justice issues. (Ward 4C)

Thomas Leatherwood

I have been active with Ward 2B for six years and have previously served on both the CCC and SCC, and was active in Democratic Party politics in the several states I have lived in the USA over many decades, including NY CA PA and NM. I have also served in policy-making and administrative positions for Democratic office holders in state government in NM (SLO) and CA (Gov’s Office, State Senator). My advocacy includes a successful challenge decades ago to the NYC electoral commission’s denial of my voter registration (based on en loco parentis), thereby establishing the right to vote for all of age students in NYC, which has been a significant factor in NYC politics. (Ward 2B)

Bobbe Besold

I am an artist working to inform, inspire and engage, encouraging awareness, creating positive change, creating art that is rooted in science, politics (social and ecological issues), and is designed to move people, to create art in, with and for community. The only candidate I have ever actively campaigned for is Bernie Sanders, bringing art (big puppets, hand painted yard signs and much more) to the Santa Fe campaign. New Energy Economy,, Earthcare, Wildearth Guardians, Littleglobe, Wise Fool are a few of the organizations I have worked with. Art changes lives for the better. (Ward 4D)

Michael J. Garcia

I would like to be elected to the SCC to represent the interests of our great county democratic party, especially those who feel like they have been left out of the democratic process. I am committed to working towards outcomes that will move the party towards a more socially just and equitable future for all. I am the current chair of our county Rules Committee and I have worked the past two years to update and bring our rules into alignment with DPNM rules. I believe in a progressive agenda that will move our party forward. We must make sure that we are working together to build a strong Democratic Party that represents everyone. (Ward 4C)

Julia Berman

I am a life long Democrat and have lived in Santa Fe since childhood. I was first elected to the SCC four years ago, and my initial focus was on passage of a progressive statewide platform that addressed the climate crisis and issues of social justice. While not a member of the Platform Committee, I worked actively across the state for platform approval. I was also one of about 15 SCC members who founded the Adelante Progressive Caucus.

I have just been re-elected Chair of Ward 2B, a position I’ve held since August of 2018. My main focus in that role has been to create a welcoming context that encourages the volunteer efforts of Ward members, and makes them feel that their efforts are noticed and appreciated. (Ward 2B)

Mary Freitas

I am running for the State Central Committee to help get Democrats elected. I have served on the Santa Fe County Central Committee and the SCC since 2017, and appreciate the opportunity to help craft the rules and to vote for the leaders of our State Party. As the Volunteer Coordinator for Santa Fe County during 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign and through my work on Mayor Alan Webber’s campaign, I learned first-hand the strengths of grass roots organizing and the power of one-on-one conversations, at the door and on the phone. Serving on the SCC allows me to support the State Party in strengthening those activities and I would be proud to be elected to continue that role. (Ward 4B)

Susan Martin

I’ve been an active member of my ward for 30 years  and believe strongly in grassroots democracy and activism. I served as an elected member of the Santa Fe Metropolitan Water Board and have been a volunteer in Santa Fe County on its Open Space and Planning Commissions. My positions include Counsel to the U. S. House of Representatives, Energy and Commerce Committee, attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council, and Planner Director at the former NM Environmental Improvement Division. Other volunteer activities are Literacy Volunteers and cleaning up the Santa Fe River riparian areas. (Ward 1D)