Young Dem’s of Santa Fe

Young Democrats of Santa Fe County

We are a group of young democrats aged 12 to 35. Our goal is to mobilize young people to participate in the electoral process, influences the ideals of the Democratic Party, and develops the skills of the youth generation to serve as leaders at the local and national level.

We work closely with the Santa Fe County Democratic Party and the Young Democrats of New Mexico. Our meetings are open to anyone and we encourage you to come share your ideas for how we can bring positive, youth driven change to our community.

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What are we up to?


We are recruiting officers and forming a new action committee. If you have any questions please email us at

Organizing Training

We are training young activists how to organize actions and campaigns. If you are interested in our trainings, please get in contact.

Voter Registration

The Santa Fe County Democratic Party is working on doing some voter registration drives. Young Democrats of Santa Fe County has pledged to help them with this. If you are interested in becoming a registrar or if you know of a good location to do a voter registration drive please contact Richard Longo at

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