April 25, 2018 @ 5:30 pm
City Council Chambers
200 Lincoln Ave

The men and women of AFSCME Local 3999, public employees delivering essential services to the City of Santa Fe, presented a pay-equity proposal to the City Finance Committee on April 23, and will present to the full City Council on April 25, 2018.

The proposal follows a process set out openly in the current bargaining agreement between AFSCME and the City. It has previously been presented to the Mayor, the Chief of Staff, and to Mr. Abeyta, the chairman of the Finance Committee.

If adopted by Council, the proposal ensures that all of AFSCME’s nearly 800 represented employees will earn over than $13 an hour by 2019. Currently, 179 city employees earn less than $13 an hour.

The union proposal calls for using monies already budgeted, but not spent, in the current 2018 fiscal year for a “merit-pay” pilot project, and requests additional funds be budgeted to make the raises permanent and recurring.

Because the previous city manager failed to bring forward a merit-pay proposal from the city, the union collective bargaining agreement guarantees the Local an opportunity to present a proposal for spending the merit-pay budget to the full council.

Half of the City’s AFSCME union employees make less than $16 an hour. 28% make less than $14 an hour. The sliding scale raise targets the lowest paid employees to receive the highest percentage raise. Many of these employees are already compressed at the low ends of their pay scales and struggle to flourish under Santa Fe’s high cost of living.

Under this equity-pay proposal  every employee in the bargaining unit will receive at least a $1.00 per hour increase by July 2019.