Make your voice heardvote today, if you haven’t already. The polls are open until 7 pm tonight. You can vote at any of these Voting Convenience Centers throughout the county.
  • If you still have your Absentee Ballot, drop it at a polling place. Do not mail it. Ballots must be RECEIVED by 7 pm today.
  • If you have applied for but not received your Absentee Ballot, go to a polling place, sign an affidavit of non-receipt of your Absentee Ballot, and then vote.
  • If you haven’t requested an Absentee Ballot and haven’t early voted, go vote in person. All pollworkers are wearing PPE and maintaining social distance, and you are requested to do the same.

Your voice matters, especially in turbulent times. Together we will make our Democratic values a reality.