CD3 SCC Candidates

Clifford M. Rees, JD, Ward 5B

Cliff is Director of Policy and Legislative Liaison for NM Lt. Governor Howie C. Morales. He is a retired New Mexico state government attorney who has also worked for U.S. Congressman Ben Ray Lujan and as a Legislative Analyst for the NM State Senate from 2006 – 2018.

Cliff is former Vice Ward Chair for Ward 5B and has been active in Democratic Campaigns since 2008. He is also a former Santa Fe County Election Judge and a current Voter Registrar who does trainings on voter registration for the Santa Fe Democratic Party and local non-profit organizations.

June Ferrill, Ph. D., Ward 1C

June Ferrill’s work for NM Democrats:

  • ·    Wrote nuclear safety planks, 2018 DP State Platform
  • ·    Chairs Nuclear Safety Subcommittee, DP SF County Platform Committee
  • ·    Canvassed, phone banked for candidates
  • ·    CCC delegate
  • ·    2018 Pre-Primary Delegate
  • ·    Had fundraiser for Land Commissioner Garcia Richard
  • ·    Presented nuclear safety to CCC
  • ·    Followed up with legislators on bills.
  • ·    Presented to Department of Energy (DOE) and Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board about attempts to limit oversight at NM Labs.

 A retired Rice University Professor, June holds Ph.D. from University of Michigan. Chairs Santa Fe’s Nuclear Safety Advocates Group.

Heather Nordquist, Ward 1B

I am a community activist in land and water issues, board member of NM Open Primaries, and an advocate for transparency, accountability and ethics in government.

My goal is to lead the way in adding platform items that reflect the needs of our rural and traditional communities. I hope to stress that these issues are important to the Party to assure a Democratic win in possibly the most consequential Presidential election of our history. I have already engaged experts in acequias, land grants and natural resource management to accomplish these goals. Feel free to contact me at (505) 470-3622 or

Paul Dirdak, Ward 1C

Please elect Paul Dirdak to the SCC.

Coordinated all door-to-door canvassing for Michelle Lujan Grisham’s Santa Fe Primary Campaign.

Canvassing Coordinator for the Coordinated Campaign for all SFCounty Democrats in 2018.

Prepared maps and walking lists for canvassers in 62 precincts, six turfs each, in Southern New Mexico to help Representative Torres-Small’s election.

Raised $10,000 after expenses for DPSFC through 6 monthly appeals to all CCC members.

Helped the State Party’s Budget Committee revamp their professional financial practices. Lots more to do.

You elected me to represent you at the SCC (2017-2019) and its Budget Committee.



Heidi Corning, Ward 1B

I look deeply into the traditions of my own ancestors to guide me: the Han people of western China and the people of northern Europe.

The traditional ways of all of our ancestors carry these common themes:

  • respect for all of creation,
  • working issues out as a group, and
  • respecting the wisdom of our elders.

I am a stickler for the truth and do not abide deception. Given that, I am able to see multiple sides of issues and have a good moral compass.

I hold a master’s degree from Naropa University.

Greg Corning, Ward 1B

My sentiment is of the populist strain in the line of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and the acequieros who built the foundations on which we rest.

We are parciantes on Acequia del Rincón, keenly interested in water rights, small-scale agriculture, and the careful balance of tradition and innovation.

I like to help get people together.

We need to shift public attitudes about the government from “those guys” to “all of us”. We, together, ARE the government!

Hablo español bastante bien.

I am an activist with the ACLU, Amnesty International, and Veterans for Peace. (Coast Guard veteran.)

Thank you.

Greg Corning

Billie Blair, Ward 1C

Current member SCC working with state on targeted messaging, active member CCC Communications Committee, former Editor/Publisher Santa Fe New Mexican and The Taos News and CEO of Santa Fe Community Foundation. Advocate for coalitions between progressives and traditional Democrats; recruiting allies and energizing young Ds; increasing transparency in party policies and finances; and making being a Democrat fun again. Worked for two D candidates in the Primary, including running media campaign for state legislative race, and canvassed for Ds in the general. No drama; just work. We win together.

Roger Taylor, Ward 3D

Gets Things Done: Rural & County community leader & activist, retired global HR executive who believes major changes are needed NOW in policy, legislation & representation. We want a government that works for us. It’s just that simple.

  • Chair Ward 3D: significant get-out-the-vote results
  • Successfully led opposition to inappropriate development: Flying J Truck Stop (2018), Lamy oil depot (2016), gold mine in Golden (2014)
  • Obtained $330K grants/ led 8-year water & wildlife restoration of Galisteo Bosque
  • Contributor to new Sustainable County Code content & design
  • President Galisteo Community Association, VP Turquoise Trail Regional Alliance, President Ranchitos de Galisteo Water Association

Sara Hume, Ward 5D

I am the newly elected Ward Chair and prior Vice Chair of Ward 5D. I have demonstrated my effectiveness as an SCC member by helping to establish the Adelante Progressive Caucus of the DPNM, of which I am a founding member and current Secretary. I have personally attended every SCC meeting over the last 2 years, never sending a proxy in my place. My priorities are transparency, accountability and civility in the Party on every level. I believe we Dems need to focus on commonalities so that we can effectively move forward to 2020 and beyond. 

Marti Burt, Ward 4D

Served as Ward 4D Chair for the past two years; recently re-elected for two more.  I am generally regarded as one of the more active ward chairs. Through regular communication of opportunities and active encouragement, dozens of 4Ders participated in the Coordinated Campaign, canvassed and called Santa Fe Democrats, canvassed and called Valencia County to help elect Xochitl Torres Small, and participated in many party activities. I am on the Platform Committee, helping to write our county’s platform and organize monthly forums. I am eager to bring my organizational skills and enthusiasm to serving the party at the State level.

Don Dionne, Ward 1C

I love New Mexico, New Mexicans, Santa Fe, and Santa Feans. As a life-long Democrat, I believe in small-d democracy. I worked hard during the last election cycle as the Field Organizer for the Santa Fe County Coordinated Campaign and plan to work even harder to get every Democratic Candidate elected to every local, County, State-Wide, and Federal office on the ballot. Being a part of the State Central Committee will allow me to share my knowledge and skills as an educator, small business owner, and political activist.

Greg Sonnenfeld, Ward 4C

I am a political advocate, DPSFC Rules member, citizen lobbyist, WolfPAC volunteer, DSA organizer and award winning NASA Alumni. Full Prospectus:

A few accomplishments

* Led DSA lobby team to introduce “HM84 – Green New Deal”

* Led committee project in complete overhaul of DPSFC Rules

* Parliamentarian for Chair Archuletta

* IT Chair for Chair Popovich

* Preprimary organizer for Debenedittis Campaign

* Facilitated 2017 SCC Wiki Platform

* Introduced SCC Rule amendments

* Assisted in Governor Forum, co-moderator for Land Commissioner Forum

* Advocated for disenfranchised CCC members in multiple challenges  

Rebecca Entwisle, Ward 4D

I am running for SCC because I want the DPNM to be strong voice for our values, active in shaping the politics of New Mexico, and to inspire political involvement across the state at every level. In 2008, I became an American citizen and less than an hour later I was registered to vote and as a Democrat. I have been involved in campaigns, legislative advocacy and party work. I am efficient, fair, organized and responsible. If you elect me to the SCC, I will conscientiously represent Santa Fe County and work to make the DPNM better in all ways.

Bruce Berlin, Ward 5D

Lifelong Democratic and grassroots organizer living in Santa Fe for over 37 years. Retired attorney with NM Public Education Department. Author of “Breaking Big Money’s Grip on America: Working Together To Revive Our Democracy.” Founder of New Mexicans for Money Out of Politics. Strong supporter of $15/hr. living wage, Medicare-for-all, the Green New Deal, National Popular vote, 28th Amendment to overturn Citizens United, unions, civil rights and HR 1. Worked with Retake Our Democracy, Common Cause and others to pass progressive legislation in this year’s legislature.

Roxanne Barber, Ward 1D

Roxanne is a former journalist and editor with a B.A. in Journalism and a graduate degree in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. She co-founded the Santa Fe for Bernie campaign in 2015, and co-founded Retake Our Democracy in 2016, an all-volunteer non-profit that educates and organizes progressive advocates locally and statewide. She is a founding member of the Adelante Progressive Caucus of the DPNM and served as interim Vice-Chair during the caucus’s first six months. Roxanne is a current CCC and SCC member who is honored to devote her time to social, economic, and environmental justice.

Paul Gibson, Ward 1D

My wife Roxanne and I moved to Santa Fe in 2012. We formed SantaFe4Bernie and coordinated that campaign, until after the convention we formed Retake Our Democracy, using our blog and radio show to engage and educate. Retake initially focused on local issues: Ranked Choice Voting, Sanctuary City and other local initiatives and organized canvassing, phone banking, and Get-Out-The-Vote efforts in 2016 and 2018. Retake then developed a statewide action network to focus on the 2019 Roundhouse session. I have served on the Democratic Party County and State Central Committees and was a founding member of the Adelante Progressive Caucus.

David Thompson, Ward 4C

  • Over 50 years of political activism – working on, organizing and managing several dozen campaigns.
  • Here in Santa Fe, co-chair and one of the key organizers of the Living Wage Network.
  • Registered as a Democrat three years ago, because I wanted to support Bernie Sanders, and I’ve stayed involved.
  • Organized door-to-door canvassing in my ward.  Now ward chair.
  • Organized research team for Retake Our Democracy, advocating for good, progressive legislation
  • On SCC, I’ll work hard to get people involved, helping organize positive, issue-oriented campaigns, so that post-primary all Democrats can come together behind our nominee.

Leif C. Rasmussen, Ward 1B

I humbly ask for your valuable vote to secure a spot on the SCC. I am a first generation American, born (’91) and raised in the Pojoaque river valley. Professionally, I am an attorney and law librarian, providing access to justice materials and legal research assistance to the public, free of charge. Three main ideas I would like to bring to the SCC:

  • All Reasonable Methods Available Campaign Finance Reform to  Curb out of Control Political Spending;
  •  Education and Child Care;
  • Leveraging our Strengths in the Experience Economy – From the Ski Hills to the Local Acequia Associations.

Michael Garcia, Ward 4C

I currently serve as the Chair of the DPSFC Rules Committee.  I was born and raised in Santa Fe and have been a dedicated Democrat since the day I cast my first vote nearly 20 years ago. As a SCC member I would work to bring the many voices from our community to the broader audience of the SCC.  I will work to ensure that Santa Fe’s needs and issues are not forgotten. I will work to build, strengthen, and prepare our party for the 2020 elections and beyond.  The time is now that we work together to rise together!

Anne Albrink, Ward 4B

I am outgoing ward chair for Ward 4B, and have been active in Democratic campaigns for decades. My first political act in New Mexico was attending the legislative hearings that reviewed all New Mexico statutes for confirmation with the newly passed state ERA back in 1972.  I am a retired lawyer with a masters in counseling psychology.  I am active in the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI), and in RE˜ESAN.

I know the vital importance of starting NOW to build our grassroots so we can have a humungous turnout and a Democratic result in 2020.

Claudette Dubois, Ward 1C

My name is Claudette DuBois. I am a lifelong Democrat, labor organizer and union negotiator from California. As a retired educator and moving to NM, I have become involved in my ward activities, Democratic election campaigns, phone banking, fundraising events, DPSFC planning committees, Federation of Democratic Women, and NSAG (Nuclear Safety Advocates Group) lobbying for oversight of safety concerns for NM. I am an activist and tireless worker  for Democratic Party candidates and principles. I would like your vote for SCC.

Victoria Murphy, Ward 4B

I have been involved in our Santa Fe and New Mexico Democratic Party for many years including having the honor of serving as the Chair of the Democratic Party of Santa Fe County.  Now a days I am known as the lady who fixes the food for our Mardi Gras fundraiser.  I have found staying involved and getting others involved in this very satisfying. 

Diana Orozco-Garrett, Ward 1C

We must have leaders with courage to speak out as we seek reform, transparency, & fairness.

For example, I worked to ensure that the list of CCC members would be released after being informed this wouldn’t happen.

– National Delegate in 1988, 1992 and 2016 Bernie Sanders.

– Former Ward Chair 

– SCC Member (Perfect Attendance)

– Graduate: St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame

– First recipient: SMU- Law Sarah T Hughes Fellowship.

– First Latina elected Judge – Dallas TX

– Attorney

Mudé a Santa Fe hace 19 años con mi esposo, William Garrett y dos niños: Mark y Laura. 

505 670-3599

Elizabeth Romero, Ward 2C

1974 brought AT&T before the New York State Department of Labor for sexual harassment — won partial victory

1980-1985 executive vice president of the Graphic Artists’Guild  — organized designers in NY garment center. Successfully lobbied against the work for hire clause which stripped individual creators of copyright protections — help to expand the definition of employee

Disrupted board meeting of Manufacturers’ Hanover Trust on behalf of workers’ stolen pensions

War hater, have marched, worked and demonstrated against war

Former coordinator Amnesty International SF chapter

Active member of Democratic Socialists of America

Consuelo Luz Arostegui, Ward 1D

Lifelong activist. New Mexico resident since 1974.


  • Economic, environmental and social justice
  • Grassroots-governed Democratic Party
  • Protection of NM rural traditions honoring water, acequias, nature, community
  • Transparency
  • As 1D Ward Chair, initiated Ward Chair Group proposal to address election problems, which resulted in new rules to be voted on Saturday
    • After violent arrest at City Council initiated successful Police/Citizen Dialogues
    • For 15 years hosted, produced daily nationally syndicated Spanish community radio
    • Co-founded media company, helped create winning media campaigns for Democrats such as Bill Richardson, Paul Bardacke, Dan Sosa, Jim Baca
    • Musician (

Ryan Ross, Ward 1A

I am a public school elementary teacher of 20 years, I’m presently the Vice President for K-12 for the American Federation of Teachers- New Mexico; and I am heading up the SFDSA/Bernie 2020 working group.  I am striving to turn the DPNM in a direction that more accurately reflects the true socially progressive nature of us New Mexicans. Thank you for your consideration.

Cheryl Anne Ford, Ward 5A

I am writing to respectfully ask for your vote for a position on the SCC.

My credentials include:

  • Residency in the Santa Fe, Eldorado community for a period of 9 years.
  • Former President NEA Santa Fe
  • Former Ward 5A’s Vice Chair
  • 2017-2018 Santa Fe County Platform Committee Member
  • 2018 graduate of the New Mexico Emerge program
  • Current member in good standing of the Santa Fe County Federation of Democratic Women
  • Member 100 Women Who Care
  • Member Santa Fe Women’s Club

Professionally, I hold an AAS, BS, MAT, and I am a UNM Ed.D. Candidate.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sky Tallman, Ward 4B

I am presenting myself to be on the CCC out of a desire to nudge the Democratic Party to the left and to represent the progressive values of many of my fellow Santa Feans. I have a Master’s in Community and Regional Planning (UNM ’18), and a Master’s in Liberal Arts (St. John’s, ’16). Currently working as an urban planner, former history teacher, former chair of the Green Party NM and Santa Fe County. Native New Mexican, lived in Santa Fe since 2010; I speak German and Spanish and I want to make a positive contribution to my community.

Brad DuBois, Ward 1C

I have been active in Democratic politics for over 30 years including Jerry Brown’s campaigns for U.S. President and Governor of California. I am an active participant in the State and County party.  I am an SCC and CCC member and served on the DPSFC platform and resolutions and finance committees.  I was a delegate to the 2018 pre-primary convention and am a founding member of the Nuclear Safety Advocates Group. In 2018 I was Campaign Manager for Jeff Carr’s NM Lt. Governor candidacy. We need to expand Democratic representation in the Roundhouse and insure change in our national leadership.

Patrick Murphy, Ward 4A

My first involvement with politics was working with my father putting up signs for Kenney/Johnson when I was in the 9th Grade. I became Fred R. Harris’s youth coordinator in 1964 when he ran for the senate in Oklahoma. I have worked for Democratic candidates my entire life. I’ve sat on government board and committees in the various states I have lived. I’ve been on the Santa Fe County Ad Valorem Property Tax Protest Board for the last three years. I most recently put together a group in Santa Fe to raise over $45,000.00 for Michelle Lujan Grisham’s gubernatorial campaign. 

Nathan Rubinfeld, Ward 4B

Born in Santa Fe and raised in the County, I have a deep familiarity with this community and the many changes and challenges it has faced. I have connections to Española and Edgewood, so have an understating of the very different needs and concerns held by the rural areas. While I left for college, I am one of few classmates who chose to return to my home-state, committing myself to its improvement. One of the few queers and youths involved with the County Party, it would be an honor to represent Santa Fe at the state level. I humbly ask for your vote, and am happy to answer further questions. (505) 470-9132.

Mitch Buszek, Ward 4C

I would appreciate your vote for SCC. 

I bring experience, wisdom, good relationships with political leadership and a sense of humor to my political work. I have managed a number of political campaigns for city council, school board, community college board and judge. I have also managed and consulted on statewide political campaigns.

In addition to my electoral work, I have been very involved in public policy development and lobbying activities. I served as Chair of the SF County Democratic Party Platform Committee and I currently serve as the Vice Chair of the Adelante Progressive Caucus of the DPNM.

Julia Berman, Ward 2B

  • Ward chair, recently re-elected.
  • Running for second SCC term, attended every meeting.
  • Founding member, Adelante Progressive Caucus.
  • Former Leadership Team member, Retake Our Democracy.
  • Passionate about many issues including immigration reform and social and racial justice, but climate change is most pressing. Party can play a major role in pushing legislators and energizing voters on this.
  • Canvasser – have done lots of it, for many years. Neighbor to neighbor connections are critical to activating our base.
  • Good listener, emotionally intelligent. Undervalued but useful traits in community and party building.

Mary Freitas, Ward 4B

I humbly request your vote so that I can continue to serve Santa Fe County Democrats as a member of the SCC. You can count on me to attend meetings and to vote in the best interests of our Party.
I am a life-long Democrat, retired union member, and have been active on campaigns and with the local Party since 2016. Currently, I work for Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber. 
If elected, I pledge to be fair, clear, and honest.