Congressional District 1 Candidate Forum in Edgewood

February 17, 2018 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Edgewood Middle School
17 Venus Rd W
Edgewood, NM 87015

Residents of East Mountain communities have a unique opportunity to participate in
making regional history. It will happen at the Edgewood Middle School (on Venus Rd W in
Edgewood) on Saturday, February 17. Eight Democratic candidates for one seat in Congress –
the First Congressional District of New Mexico — are expected to appear to answer voters’
questions. A veteran representative of the Central New Mexico Chapter of the League of
Women Voters will officiate. The forum will begin at 2:00 and end at 4:00. East Mountain
Democrats, a recently formed multi-county grassroots organization, encourages all interested
citizens to attend to meet the candidates and submit their questions.
No less than eight hopefuls stepped up to run for Congress on the Democratic ticket when
Michelle Lujan Grissom announced she would vacate her seat in the U. S. House of
Representatives to run for Governor. The eight Democratic Candidates for the CD 1 seat in
Congress are, in alphabetical order, Patrick Davis, John Flores, Debra Haaland, Jesse Heitner,
Damian Lara, Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, Damon Martinez, and Paul Moya,
The February 17 event is the first of four forums moderated by the League of Women
Voters for citizens living in various communities in District One, which includes the City of
Albuquerque. This first forum was organized primarily for East Mountain residents, whose
interests are believed to be different from those of urban voters who live in Santa Fe or
Albuquerque. Questions are expected to be somewhat different, due to differences in life
experiences and needs of rural and xurban areas.
Local leaders of the Democratic Party regard the Edgewood forum as an historic event.
High pubic interest in the race is thought to be reflected by a larger-than- usual number of
candidates. Further, it may be the first time such an event has been organized and sponsored by
more than one local-level party organization, especially for the emerging East Mountain region.
Democratic Party representatives from Santa Fe County, Torrance County and Bernalillo
County worked directly with state party officials to plan, support and promote the event because
a great many CD 1 voting precincts are located in these counties.
Registered Democrats of Santa Fe County Ward 3C are also invited to stay on after
the forum to attend the pre-primary ward convention. Pre-primary delegates will be
elected to attend the state Democratic Party nominating convention by Democrats
registered to vote in Ward 3C. The Ward 3C convention will begin at 4:30. Simple
refreshments will be served.