Draft County Platform Released – Comments Welcome

Today, the Democratic Party of Santa Fe County released its draft 2018 County Platform at http://santafedemocrats.org/platform/democratic-party…-county-platform, which sets forth the principles, policies, and goals that will lead Democrats to victory in the upcoming mid-term elections. Created at the grass-roots level by a group of dedicated volunteers, it is not just a document: It is a call for mobilization and activation by all Santa Fe County Democrats, an invitation to be part of the growing wave that will sweep away failed Republican policies and usher in a New Day for New Mexico.


Based upon the core values of the Democratic Party, your friends and neighbors drafted the Platform after months of meetings, research, and lengthy discussions.  They prepared a document that details the values and beliefs that will guide our elected office holders in such areas as economic development, healthcare, affordable housing, and education.


Please go to http://santafedemocrats.org/platform/democratic-party…-county-platform, read the County Platform, and give us feedback at platform.comments@gmail.com.  Please focus first on the parts you care about most or know the most about.  Deadline for comments is February 3.